Growing your property management business and increasing the number of landlords you attract requires a few different marketing strategies. Today, we’re focusing on social media marketing and why you should use it.

The most popular social media platforms can help you find new business and stay connected to current customers.

Which Platform is Best for Business to Business Marketing?

When you think about B2B marketing, or business to business marketing on social media, your first thought probably turns to LinkedIn. After all, LinkedIn is designed specifically for professionals. But, is it the leading site for your B2B efforts? 

Let’s look at the data.

A 2018 study found:

  • The success rate of B2B marketing on Facebook is 91 percent.
  • The success rate of B2B marketing on LinkedIn is 79 percent.
  • On average, Facebook has 2 billion users per month and people spend an average of 40 minutes per day on the site.
  • On average, LinkedIn has 106 million users per month and each person spends an average of 17 minutes per day on the site.

Why Social Media Works

So, why use social media to find landlords?

When people are interested in doing business with a company, most of them will look for that company on social media. When you have a strong social media presence, your property management company can earn trust.

People are learning more on social media than ever before. Even a few years ago, when someone was interested in learning more about you, they’d go to your website or read your reviews or just call you on the phone.

Today, their first stop is likely to be your Facebook page.

Social media has become central to our lives. You hear about these platforms on the news nearly every day. They’re mentioned in stock market updates and they’re responsible for who and what goes viral. Social media is where people stay in touch with friends and family.

Social Media and Public Relations

Another part of social media and its power is the affect it can have on a company’s brand. When a company does something bad, you’re going to see them smeared on social media. That’s because it generates the most attention. The negative PR is going to hurt.

Social media is crucial and it cannot be ignored.

People trust social media and the things they see there. It feels more personal than automated email messages and phone calls. It provides a way to connect that goes beyond discount codes and snail mail offers.

When you put your company out on social media, you’re embracing an image that you’re real, with real people, and that you’re up-to-date with technology.

Using Social Media to Communicate

Social media is a good communication tool. People may scroll through their newsfeed and see some of your content. Then, they might remember they had a question for you. If they leave that question in the comments section, you can answer it publicly.

That’s powerful.

Your response is transparent and real. This builds trust because you’re present, you’re active, and you’re engaging the people who need you. This shows you are responsive and willing to communicate with clients or with prospects in a public forum, not just behind closed doors. 

There’s a good chance landlords will look you up on Facebook. They’ll want to see what kind of content you’re sharing and what people are saying in their reviews. If you don’t have a Facebook page, that’s going to be a red flag for a lot of potential clients. They’ll wonder if you’re hiding something or if you’re simply behind the curve.

A strong social media presence helps you build your property management business. Want to know more? Then check out part two of this blog right here!

If you have any questions about increasing your social media presence, contact us at Fourandhalf. We can help you get started.