Is your holiday wish to attract more landlords on Facebook?

If so, we have some pro tips on how to use the social media site to grow your property management business.

Social Media and Property Management

Social media is one of those marketing channels that’s a bit challenging for property management companies. You’re trying to reach landlords who think they can rent properties, collect rent, and manage their homes privately – on their own. And the tenants you might be trying to reach are just looking for a good place to live. These goals and audiences aren’t going to generate a lot of activity on your Facebook page. It’s not like you’re a fashion brand or a cucumber farmer who has a physical product that shows well on Instagram and Facebook pages.

You sell financial outcomes. That’s not always as sexy as the latest organically grown cucumber.

Facebook Ads Can Move the Numbers Needle for Your Property Management Company

The first way you can attract more landlords on Facebook is with ads. This should be part of a multi-channel campaign. If you’re sending out mailers, your Facebook ads should have the same content. You’re trying to reach the same group of people, and with Facebook, you can set pretty specific parameters on who will see your ad. You’re not wasting any time or money.

Pro Tips for Facebook Ads:

  • Make sure your Facebook ad offers downloadable content assets. Maybe you want to write an eBook on how investors can take advantage of current market conditions in San Ramon, California. People will see that, download it for free, and you’ve got a new lead. When you give people something of value, you gather leads.
  • Set up lead nurturing systems. If you don’t have lead nurturing in place, you won’t get the ROI you’re hoping to achieve. Your Facebook leads usually aren’t ready to buy your services. They’re reading about what you have to say and they’re getting to know your company. They aren’t necessarily interested in signing up for anything yet. Capture their information and share educational content until they’re ready to contact you directly.

If you’re not sure how to do these things, talk to us at Fourandhalf.

Facebook Can Remarket Your Website

The second way to attract more landlords on Facebook is simple. People who click on your website should be following you on Facebook. You can track the consumers who visit your website, and follow them on Facebook. It can be effective, even though it’s not always as easy to measure. But, it does work to keep people moving back and forth between your website and your Facebook page.

Pro Tips for Website Remarketing:

  • Make sure the bifurcation for each of your constituencies is clear. Both owners and tenants will be visiting your site, and they each need their own section.
  • Market more heavily to the owner section. The business you’re trying to reach are the people who are reading your owner pages. You don’t need to spend any money marketing to tenants. 

Facebook Can Drive SEO When You Produce Content That Matters

The third tip will not work for everyone, but it will help content-producing companies that use social media channels to drive SEO. It’s a small part of overall ranking, but it can be amplified significantly.

How? With serious content on Facebook, such as podcasts and Facebook live events and significant production and distribution of videos, blogs, books, and other materials. Marketing strategies based on content always work. Most companies don’t have the time, money, or desire to produce mountains of content. But if you do, you’re going to win business and improve your SEO considerably.

Pro Tips for Facebook SEO:

  • Check out some of the companies that are doing this really well. Look at Steve Rozenberg at Empire Industries, Steve Welty at Good Life Property Management, and Duke Dodson at Dodson Properties. They are working this Facebook platform.
  • Keep your social media channels active. It should feel like someone lives there. Share company wins, celebrations, and activities. People will know that you’re real and active. They’ll see the faces of your team and while they’re following you, they’ll learn more about professional property management and its benefits.

This is something you can easily do yourself, but if you don’t feel like you have the time or the skills, talk to us about the inexpensive package we offer property management companies who need social media help.

If you have any questions about what we’ve talked about, the team is waiting with open arms to help you out. Contact us at Fourandhalf.