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Think about the people you’ve done business with over time. Maybe it’s a doctor who reached out even when you weren’t in their exam room. Maybe it’s a baker who handed your kids a free cookie every time you stopped by. Or a mechanic who gave you honest advice even if it didn’t make them any money. Or a grocer who told you when your favorite foods were on sale.

Maybe it was a general store in the town where you grew up.

They knew you. They knew your needs. There was trust and a sense of security.
That’s what we want, too.

Better Relationships Lead to Better Business

Building long term relationships takes effort, patience, focus, empathy, and compassion. Our relationships are intentional. Purposeful. This isn’t a business model for everyone. But we’ve found that once you work this way – it’s the only way to go.

And the best way to grow.

It’s Not Just Business

Think about your best relationships. People in good relationships know they can lean on each other for insights, support, and strength. We use what we’ve learned from each other to encourage growth. It works for businesses, too.

Find Our Strengths Together

Great relationships are sustaining. Whether it is one to one or many to many, the secret power in relationships is in the work that’s done together. We build. We protect. We grow and work together.

Learning Goes Both Ways

At Fourandhalf we are dedicated to learning more about you and your clients and your goals. It’s part of building strong relationships. We are committed to those relationships with each other, our clients, our vendors, and everyone in our community.
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You’re Our Client For Life

Knowing Your Needs

When you’re a customer for life, we will know you well. We’ll know what you’re great at, where you struggle, and what you want to do. This provides us with a unique ability to present options that may anticipate problems, solve mysteries, and move forward.

We’re your support system.

Sharing Our Resources

You’re busy doing what you do best, and the healthiest, most productive relationships allow for time and space. Your marketing team is here to provide the tools, talents, systems, and resources that you don’t have access to as a property management company.

This is a partnership.

Supporting Each Other

In any strong, healthy, relationship there are moments of great clarity and depth that create trust and confidence. Both parties know they are working on something together. This supportive environment allows each party to operate with efficiency and strength of purpose.

It’s better than being alone.

Let’s Get Woodsy.
We Want to be Like Trees.

Forget about marketing plans and websites and online reputations just for a moment.

Think about trees.

Trees growing in a forest depend upon each other. They need the natural resources in their ecosystem to live and thrive. It’s a multi-dimensional, supportive relationship that is based on years of practice, communication, common purpose and shared resources.

We’re not so different.

Let’s Start Somewhere and Grow Together

Content Marketing

Educate prospective customers by answering their searches online.

Google Ads

Optimize your cost per lead with campaigns managed by Google Ads Specialists.


Diversify your Google search appearance through Managed SEO Campaigns.


We write content that gets the attention of owners and investors.

Conversion Websites

Attract and convert the right type of leads with purpose-driven website designs.

Reputation Management

Drive up five-star reviews and build your online reputation one ask at a time.

Email Marketing Automation

Keep your company top of mind with prospective owners that are not yet clients.



Strategize with a dedicated account manager committed to helping your business succeed.

What’s it Like to Partner With Fourandhalf? Catch Up with Our Lifetime Clients

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Stephanie Gordon

I’m really pleased with my Fourandhalf website – I think it looks new and fresh and is easy for users to navigate. One of the best features is the quarterly check in with the Fourandhalf team which allows me to look at the web site and see how it is performing. This quarterly analysis shows me how many users I get, where they go on my site, and what SEO words are bringing them to my site. I can now make changes so that I’m attracting the type of users I want based on facts. Our websites are one of our most important marketing tools yet most of us rarely look at them once they are up and running.

Stephanie Gordon

Gordon Property Management, San Francisco

Jennifer Newton

I have been able to lean on Fourandhalf as a true marketing partner […] In a competitive market, they were able to help me standout and grow my business.

Jennifer Newton

Walters Home Management, San Diego

Jock McNeill

I love our Fourandhalf website and have seen a significant increase in engagement with our prospective clients. The leads are better quality and higher quantity which allows our business development manager to close more contracts. After several years owning a business, I’ve found that it is more effective to find “who” can do the job instead of “how” to do the job. Fourandhalf is the “who” you need to keep those leads coming so you can focus on other, higher-margin efforts in your business. Thanks guys, we’re enjoying the new website

Jock McNeill, MPM, RMP

Alliance Property Management, Santa Rosa

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