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You know you need to market your property management business to get owner clients and landlords, however, how do you get people, COMPLETE STRANGERS, give you their hard earned money to manage their most valuable asset?

Regardless of what you do or how you classify yourself, the core element that makes people choose a business over another business is based on TRUST. So when you are thinking of marketing your property management business; aiming to be that first contact, having people excited to work with you is all based on how you can develop trust for what you do.

Trust is not an overnight thing, it takes time to build that credibility and validation. However, your property management company is at the forefront of greatness. Why? because every market is specific. Tenant screening in Tampa is different than tenant screening in New York. It’s the same reason why Gordon Property Management in San Francisco, Empire Property Management in Houston, and TJ Guyer in Centralis, Washington were all able to succeed with us.

They answered the questions no one else wanted to answer. At Fourandhalf, we help your clients inspire trust in YOU. We advise and process your blogs, we manage your online reputation, we get you in front of your target customer.

So as you set up your next weekly marketing pow-wow, don’t think about how you can market your company, think of how you can create trust in your property management company and from there, you will receive customers who will count on you to manage their assets for life.

marketing property management

Average property management portfolio turnover can reach


Use internet marketing to sustain and thrive.

Content Marketing – Unleashing the Power of SEO

Content is what made Fourandhalf the company it is today. Why? People are looking to tap the expertise you have. Google isn’t out there answering people’s questions themselves, they are directing searchers to people who have published relevant information. You need to be one of the experts providing that information as that is what your market is using to find property management services.

The benefits are endless, property managers love that they are able to bring additional sources of website traffic, gain greater exposure, and be able to be the trusted source when it comes to property management news in their local area.

Give a reason for landlords and owners to visit your website today.

Bradstreet Proper On the Benefits of Content Marketing in 75 seconds.

Content Marketing Products

Educational Content

educateGet found by prospective landlords and earn their trust while you sleep. Gain 100s of management contracts over time as great content ages like a fine wine! Educational content builds your organic search rankings and will be an asset for years to come.


ebookA book showcases your knowledge to landlords. Think about your customer; would they hire an amateur or the person that wrote the book on property management? Grow your email list and subject matter expertise.

Animated Promotional Videos

promo-videoGet a promotional animated video on the perils of managing rental property for landlords and investors. Complete with animations, voiceover, and a custom script.

Website Copywriting

website-copyrightingGood copy sells! Good copy helps improve SEO rankings. Don’t let your website copy drag you down. Just like hiring a professional property manager work for investors, hiring a professional copywriter for your website works.

Reputation Management – Take Back Control of Your Reputation

Bennett PM on Fourandhalf’s Managed Rep Program

Unfortunately, in property management, negative reviews run rampant. It’s often not a matter of bad service, but a result of the juggling act that property managers have to do to ensure that both owners and tenants are happy.

If you don’t pay careful attention, soon enough those reviews will come to define your property management company, as it does with most of the industry. Consider the survey of 3,000 property management yelp reviews that found the average rating for property managers is 2.7 stars versus the site-wide average of 3.8 stars

Since you are not necessarily bulletproof in reviews, it means that your competitors aren’t either. Property managers that take charge in their reputation find it much easier to close new business.

Fourandhalf has partnered with to Solve That Problem

Offering property managers the best solution in reputation management to protect your property management company.

Reputation Management Products

Managed Reputation – Full

rep-fullGet full access to platform including the dashboard, analytics, sentiment ranking, competitor benchmarking, and the full suite of reports. Also automatically request up to 1,000 reviews/month, while our filters make sure we only publish the positive reviews.

Managed Rep – Lite

rep-consultAutomatically request up to 300 reviews/month, while our filters make sure we only publish the 4 and 5-star reviews onto your website.

Reputation Consulting

rep-lightGet a 45-minute coaching session on the best practices in soliciting positive reviews and responding to negative reviews complete with situational templates to send to your happy clients when you do great work.

Property Management Marketing

Paid Advertising – Get in Front of Owners and Landlords

Property managers enjoy going to Fourandhalf as we have demonstrated excellence in taking care of ad campaigns through the use of smart budgeting and staying up to date on the latest developments of paid search. Our efforts have been validated with our official premier partnership with Google – the only one of its kind in property management.

We only focus on landlord leads in all of our advertising mediums and make sure that we are able to track everything when it comes to your campaign so we can ensure that you are getting a profitable return on investment.

Best practices in PM AdWords from Fan, our Google Ads certified specialist.

Paid Advertising Options

Google Ads

Handpicked as a Google Premier Partner, Fourandhalf will apply advanced level of techniques to get your advertisements optimized for landlord leads, while screening out tenant inquiries. Our contacts at Google ensure that we up to date on the latest innovations on all paid media and are able to offer help whenever necessary.

Sales-Purposed Landing Page

Your landing page is your Internet-Based salesperson that never sleeps, offering your prospects every reason to hire your company without any distractions. We create a carefully engineered sales-based landing page distilling your key values that come standard with our pay-per-click campaigns.

Sales Materials – Close Those Leads

Why bother with a sales process? Because when phone calls go unanswered or messages are left on voicemail and you’re not paying the right attention to leads — your marketing plan isn’t going to work. There’s no reason to invest in marketing if you don’t have a defined sales process to back it up. If you cannot close the deals, there’s no plan that can help you.

We have partnered with LeadSimple to help property managers automate their sales process, so no lead ever falls through the cracks again. See our Lead Nurturing packages below.

Sales Products

Lead Nurturing – Lite

lead-nurturingAutomate your sales process and email marketing to efficiently gear your company for growth. LeadSimple’s software will help you organize your leads quickly and know what’s exactly going on without having to shuffle through emails and phone calls ever again.

Lead Nurturing

lead-nurtComes with all the features in Lead Nurturing – Lite including the ability to turn your video and educational blogs into a powerful email marketing campaign and nurture all of the owner prospects on your radar.

Owner Newsletters 

owner-newsletterA big challenge for property managers is communicating with their owner clients. Fourandhalf will take care of that process for you by automating monthly emails using content provided by LandlordSource.


brochuresWe design eye-catching brochures as our experience allows us to source the value propositions directly from your website & landing page, grab your top client testimonials, pricing & packages, as well as using copy to prompt and improve call-to-action and brand perception.

Social Media – Start the Conversation

Social Media Setup and Optimization

social-media-setupFourandhalf will take care of your social media pages the same way you take care of your properties. We will give your Facebook, Google+, Twitter, YouTube, and Yelp page the makeover it needs so that you can make a great impression on your clients and prospective clients.

Social Media Posting

social-postingAre you having a hard time making updates to your social media pages? Fourandhalf will post updates to your Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ pages 4x/week using hyper-relevant, fresh content that speaks directly on all things property management to keep landlords and investors engaged with your page.

Websites – More Than An Asset

Property Management Websites

A Smarter Website for Property Managers

Get a premium website built to serve property managers at an affordable rate.

What Our Clients Say About Us

5.0 /5
208 Reviews

Apr 18, 2019
Google Fourandhalf Courtney
I’m so appreciative of our team at Fourandhalf. I say team because they provide a team and partnership relationship which is one of the top reasons I love this company. They truly care about their customers, the customer experience, and are there to offer guidance, support, and help along the way. Launching our new website was scary to me but they made the process easy. They supported me and were patient with me every step of the process. Extremely helpful and professional. Special shoutout to my girl, Karen! Thanks for being the sweetest person I’ve worked with in this industry.
Mar 14, 2019
Google Fourandhalf KeyPartners
I have been working with Fourandhalf for a couple of years and have been very happy with the results. Karen is great to work with and she and her team have helped me organize marketing and lead follow up, boosted our online presence and produced our new website. All have resulted in positive results and new business. I would highly recommend them!
Jan 31, 2019
Google Fourandhalf Terri
They provide exceptional customer service. They go above and beyond to exceed any expectation you may have. The have helped me build my business Steadily for the past several years. I could not have done it with out their assistance!
Dec 5, 2018
Google Fourandhalf DENNIS
I wanted to say thank you to Brittany Stephens for the year we have worked together and your professionalism. You have helped navigate me through the whole process and taught me a lot about marketing my brand. Merry Christmas
Nov 18, 2018
Google Fourandhalf Faraaz
What an experience, I started listening to the Podcasts with Alex, they were so educating and helpful, I naturally felt an inclination towards Four and a Half. Ever since I have started my marketing initiative, I have not looked back. My business is growing day by day and the results keep getting better and better. Mind you, it will work only if you embrace their step by step guide and process. Being a fan of content marketing already, I am even more excited as to what the future holds. Thank you Four and a Half!

Our Most Popular Package Includes:

  • Content Marketing
  • Pay-Per-Click
  • Social Media Setup
  • Reputation Management
  • Lead Nurturing

“I have been able to lean on Fourandhalf as a true marketing partner […] In a competitive market, they were able to help me standout and grow my business.”  

Jennifer Newton – Walters Home Management, San Diego