Digital Advertising for Property Managers

You won’t find a more comprehensive list of property management marketing services offered under one roof. Work with innovative marketing professionals who specialize in the property management industry.

How Can You Grow Your Property Management Business?

Maybe you need fresh content or maybe you need an entire suite of property management marketing solutions that can really make a difference in your business’s bottom line.

We understand the digital marketing technologies available today, and we’re excited to bring these opportunities to the property management industry. Our team is a dynamic and energetic group of experts who understand online marketing strategies and how they can best be leveraged for the unique landscape of professional property management.

Ready for Digital Advertising Services that Impact Your Property Management Business?

We provide websites, content, SEO, reputation management, and so much more.

Content Marketing

Your content is your competitive advantage. The more honest and informative your content is, the more homes you’ll manage.

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It takes around 6 months to mature the content and start seeing quality web traffic and leads – start now and watch your competition scramble to catch up.

  • Get found by more property owners organically
  • Educate your leads before they pick up the phone
  • Close higher quality management contracts

Property Management Websites that Convert

Fourandhalf property management websites are designed to pay for themselves by driving more owner leads to your door.

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Wouldn’t it be nice to have a website that pays for itself?

An effective website shouldn’t just look good, it should also improve your bottom line. Even if you’re not trying to grow your property management business, you need a steady stream of leads to replenish lost contracts to sales.

  • Convert more rental property owner leads who visit your website
  • Make data-driven decisions about your site
  • Continuous Improvement and 90-day reviews

Reputation Management

Owners check your star ratings on top review sites prior to engaging. We’ll showcase your best positive reviews. 

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Take control of your property management company’s online reputation with the help of Fourandhalf. We’ll survey your owners and tenants for feedback, and ask happy customers to review you on Google, Facebook, or other sites. Showcase your authentic positive reviews on your website and landing page using a mobile friendly widget.

  • Track your progress using the platform
  • Learn how to use negative reviews to improve your business
  • Get tools and expert advice to increase your overall star rating


Email Marketing Automation & Sales CRM for Property Managers

We’ll help you manage your leads, nurture those leads, and work out a strategy to turn them into customers.

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To help you close more leads, Fourandhalf partnered with LeadSimple, a Property Management business-specific Lead Management software tool that is extremely simple to use.

Your Fourandhalf Account Manager will setup your LeadSimple CRM by creating lead stages, workflows, and quick follow-up email marketing templates to help you maximize every lead that comes in the door. Your leads will automatically flow into LeadSimple CRM, be assigned to a person, and finally trigger a sales workflow.

  • Lead management software for property managers (LeadSimple)
  • Sales process setup and customization of LeadSimple CRM
  • Email marketing to engage your owner and investor prospects

Social Media Optimization & Posting

A potential customer doing their due diligence will be looking at more than just the front page of your website and have fully fleshed out Social Media platforms for maximum impact.

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You shouldn’t just rely on your website to draw in traffic and build SEO.

Google counts social site activity when deciding where you rank in search results. Fourandhalf regularly posts relevant articles to the most influential social media sites on your behalf multiple times a week, giving your website credit for SEO purposes.

  • Maximize your online presence
  • Help your website rank in Google Local search results
  • Increase your website traffic

Promotional Videos

Some people read blogs and some people watch videos. We put together creative, informative videos about your services.

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Many of us are visual learners and our animated videos will help you cater to people who are looking for a quick explanation on what you do and why your Property Management company is the best.

  1. Explain all the perils of self-managing in 120 seconds
  2. Use animation to showcase what makes you different
  3. Keep website visitors engaged

Lead Magnets for Websites

Lead magnets give your prospects valuable information that demonstrates your experience and authority.

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One of the reasons our digital marketing plans are so successful for property managers is that we maximize every bit of content that you create. Our eBook lead magnet gives your prospects some valuable information that they can only get from you; something that demonstrates your experience and authority. We also provide you with a free rental analysis platform that’s only available to our website clients. It’s been a game changer in attracting new business.

  • RentFax Automator provides essential information to prospects
  • Impressive, professional report is branded to your property management company
  • Offer an eBook to provide valuable education that only comes from you


We write content that gets the attention of owners and investors, showing them your company is the best in property management.

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The goal of your content is to reach two audiences: human property owners, investors, and landlords who may not realize just how worthwhile your services can be; and, search engines that will recognize what you do, where you work, and the value you provide to the sea of people searching online for information. We understand both audiences, and we write content that gets their attention and moves them towards recognizing your company as the best in property management.

  • SEO copywriting for property management websites
  • Video blog transcriptions and text blog creation
  • Industry-specific advertising copy

Business Consulting

We are marketing experts, but that’s not all we can help with. If you’re looking to improve other areas of your business we can help or connect you with the best person for the job. 

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Growing a property management company requires established processes and systems that can seamlessly integrate all the new business that’s coming your way. We are marketing experts, but that’s not all we can help with. Let’s take a look at your sales process and evaluate how your team handles small tasks and big projects. We’ll work with you to identify areas of improvement so there’s hardly a hitch in bringing on new clients and implementing new standard of service.

  • We’ll review your sales process and tell you how to close more leads.
  • We’ll analyze your workflow and help you automate processes.
  • We’ll help you identify the strengths and challenges in your team and show you how to maximize the talent you’ve got.

What’s it Like to Partner With Fourandhalf? Catch Up with Our Lifetime Clients

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RE Gladiators

"I felt like our website finally postured us and posited us for who we really were. And we could have never done that without the help of Fourandhalf...If you’re investigating Fourandhalf, and you’re trying to figure out if this is a good fit for you or not, just try it. You just owe it to yourself to try it. I don’t know how you could really live without them."

Tracy Minick & Katherine Swanberg

Real Estate Gladiators


"We've been working with Fourandhalf for several years and our account rep Karen is very attentive to our business' needs. Initially we hired them to manage our online reputation for our property management company and now have 100s of reviews from customers. Recently, they launched a new website for us and I'm looking forward to growing our business with them in 2022. If you are serious about marketing your Fourandhalf."

Reynolds Bickerstaff

Bickerstaff Parham Property Management


"We have used FourandHalf for a while now and have had a great experience. Hope and her team are always wonderful to work with, quick to respond to any questions or concerns that we may have, and are always so personable. We really appreciate their attention to detail and willingness to always work with us to achieve our goals. Thank you Hope & team!"

Nicole Fandel

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