Fourandhalf offers marketing solutions for property managers. Since our first day on January 1, 2012, we’ve served a singular purpose of helping over 700 property management businesses grow and thrive. After several years of delivering consistent outcomes for our clients, our team has earned a prestigious Inc. 5000 fastest-growing companies in the US nomination in 2018. And we are just getting started.

With extremely talented and committed employees, Fourandhalf is innovating at a furious pace, introducing performance-focused property management website solutions and an industry first – guaranteed marketing plans.

In addition to our guaranteed marketing plans, we offer other marketing solutions such as property management website development, content creation, campaign management, lead nurturing, reputation management, pay-per-click and social media management.

The property management industry is changing and growing, let us be your guide as we take responsibility for building a bright future together.


Our mission is to help property management businesses grow and thrive. The Fourandhalf team is singularly focused on delivering unparalleled outcomes to our clients. We research, develop and adapt the latest digital technologies to help our clients grow their management portfolio.


The Fourandhalf team is made up of diverse individuals who use their unique skills to achieve a single goal. That goal is to help property management companies like yours grow and thrive.

Our diverse backgrounds, coupled with the team’s deep knowledge of the property management industry, allows us to innovate effectively. We thrive on collaboration and we never stop learning through research, testing and from listening to our clients.

We have a passion for what we do and are driven by the opportunity to help you realize the success you’ve imagined for your business. We hope you will come join us on our journey and help us help you celebrate your success.

How we work




At Fourandhalf we consider listening to be a core skill. Not only to understand the specifics of your business but also to empathize with you and your customers. We need to know who you are, who you want to be and how quickly you’d like to get there so we can collaborate with you on the best way to get the job done.

It may seem like you are only working with 1 individual at a time at Fourandhalf, maybe it’s an account manager or PPC specialist or video blog expert, the truth is our environment is one of constant collaboration internally and with you to get the job done right. We practice a philosophy of “Yes, and…” meaning yes, that’s a great idea AND what about this as well…” We believe ideas are the fuel that drives innovation and success.

Deliver. Well of course! Every company should deliver. But the question is, what are they delivering? At Fourandhalf we may develop some blogs with you or set-up your AdWords campaign or build you a website but for us this is just the “stuff” you need to deliver results. And that’s what we really want to deliver for you. Results.

What to expect


Have you ever experienced excellent service, obsessive attention to detail and deep empathy from a service provider? Fourandhalf clients do. Even if your business is not ready for growth, we welcome you to take advantage of our educational resources, many free of charge. Tune in to our podcast, sign up for our weekly educational blogs, and attend the most innovative property management conference, the PM Grow Summit.

However, care by itself isn’t good enough, you also need Competence


We obsess about company culture and invest in our people, so you get to work with some of the most talented and competent people in the marketing space. The two constants here at Fourandhalf are our obsessive care for our clients and our consistent drive to innovate. Our team actively researches digital technologies, tests new products and attends marketing conferences.

Together, care and competence create Results


At the end of the day, it is all about the outcome. Growing on your own isn’t easy, and finding a trustworthy partner who can actually deliver on their promises is even more rare. That is why, after several years of helping over 700 property management businesses, we are so confident in our work that we offer guaranteed marketing plans. If your company is ready to scale, Fourandhalf is your partner for growth.

“I’m really pleased with my new One Partner website – I think it looks new and fresh and is easy for users to navigate. One of the best features is the quarterly check in with the Fourandhalf team which allows me to look at the web site and see how it is performing. This quarterly analysis shows me how many users I get, where they go on my site, and what SEO words are bringing them to my site. I can now make changes so that I’m attracting the type of users I want based on facts. Our websites are our one of our most important marketing tools yet most of us rarely look at them once they are up and running.”

Stephanie Gordon
Gordon Property Management

“I love our OnePartner website and have seen a significant increase in engagement with our prospective clients. The leads are better quality and higher quantity which allows our business development manager to close more contracts. After several years owning a business, I’ve found that it is more effective to find “who” can do the job instead of “how” to do the job. Fourandhalf is the “who” you need to keep those leads coming so you can focus on other, higher-margin efforts in your business. Thanks guys, we’re enjoying the new website.”


Jock McNeill, MPM, RMP
Alliance Property Management

“Fourandhalf has been the cornerstone of our marketing program. They are easy to work with and produce measurable results. Every marketing dollar is important to us and Fourandhalf makes our budget work for us.”

Danielle Miner
Owner Oak Trust Property Management

“We are only a few months in and the decision to switch to the One Partner platform is already paying dividends. Our inbound leads have significantly increased and perhaps more importantly, we can now actually measure the effectiveness of our campaigns and 3rd party ads. I highly recommend the One Partner team.”

Andy Moore
Gulf Coast Property Management

Our Reputation…

5.0 /5
208 Reviews

Apr 18, 2019
Google Fourandhalf Courtney
I’m so appreciative of our team at Fourandhalf. I say team because they provide a team and partnership relationship which is one of the top reasons I love this company. They truly care about their customers, the customer experience, and are there to offer guidance, support, and help along the way. Launching our new website was scary to me but they made the process easy. They supported me and were patient with me every step of the process. Extremely helpful and professional. Special shoutout to my girl, Karen! Thanks for being the sweetest person I’ve worked with in this industry.
Mar 14, 2019
Google Fourandhalf KeyPartners
I have been working with Fourandhalf for a couple of years and have been very happy with the results. Karen is great to work with and she and her team have helped me organize marketing and lead follow up, boosted our online presence and produced our new website. All have resulted in positive results and new business. I would highly recommend them!
Jan 31, 2019
Google Fourandhalf Terri
They provide exceptional customer service. They go above and beyond to exceed any expectation you may have. The have helped me build my business Steadily for the past several years. I could not have done it with out their assistance!
Dec 5, 2018
Google Fourandhalf DENNIS
I wanted to say thank you to Brittany Stephens for the year we have worked together and your professionalism. You have helped navigate me through the whole process and taught me a lot about marketing my brand. Merry Christmas
Nov 18, 2018
Google Fourandhalf Faraaz
What an experience, I started listening to the Podcasts with Alex, they were so educating and helpful, I naturally felt an inclination towards Four and a Half. Ever since I have started my marketing initiative, I have not looked back. My business is growing day by day and the results keep getting better and better. Mind you, it will work only if you embrace their step by step guide and process. Being a fan of content marketing already, I am even more excited as to what the future holds. Thank you Four and a Half!

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