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It’s time to get to know Fourandhalf and what we can do for you. Maybe you’ve seen us at a conference. Maybe you’ve heard our story. Let us tell you more.

We solve all kinds of marketing problems for property management companies

We understand the struggles of standing out in a market that’s saturated with high-energy property management companies. We know what it’s like to barely have time to respond to maintenance, manage your team, lease your vacant properties AND think about your marketing plans. Who has time for a website re-do? Our team is here to take all those worries off your plate, and let you do what you do best, while we do what we do best. We will put our deep resources and extensive talent to work for you, and show you how quickly, and completely, we can help your property management company grow.


Our mission is to help property management businesses grow and thrive.
The Fourandhalf team is singularly focused on delivering unparalleled outcomes to our clients. We research, develop and adapt the latest digital technologies to help our clients grow their management portfolio.

Meet the Fourandhalf Team

A photo of John Bykowski, Co-Founder and CEO of Fourandhalf

John Bykowski
Co-Founder and CEO

A photo of Michael Lushington, COO of Fourandhalf

Michael Lushington
Chief Operating Officer

A photo of Danny Morris, Director of Fourandhalf Australia

Danny Morris
Director, Fourandhalf Australia

A photo of Brittany Stephens, Director of Client Success at Fourandhalf

Brittany Stephens
Director of Client Success

A photo of Theresa Barnes, Director of Product Delivery at Fourandhalf

Theresa Barnes
Director of Product Delivery

A photo of Marie Liamzon Tepman, Director of Product Development & Marketing at Fourandhalf

Marie Liamzon Tepman
Director of Product Development & Marketing

A photo of Caitlin Lushington, Marketing Assistant & Web Developer at Fourandhalf

Caitlin Lushington
Marketing Assistant & Web Developer

A photo of Logan Jones, Director of Sales

Logan Jones
Director of Sales

A photo of Pallavi Kurhade, Web Solution Architect at Fourandhalf

Pallavi Kurhade
Web Solution Architect

A photo of Nissim Boozaglo, Web Developer at Fourandhalf

Nissim Boozaglo
Web Developer

A photo of Karen Wyle, Account Management at Fourandhalf

Karen Wyle
Account Management

A photo of Rachel Shen, Manager of Finance at Fourandhalf

Rachel Shen
Manager of Finance

A photo of Daniel Ruiz, Account Manager at Fourandhalf

Daniel Ruiz
Account Management

A photo of Hope Lumbley, Account Management at Fourandhalf

Hope Lumbley
Account Management

A photo of Daniel Nguyen, Development Project Manager at Fourandhalf

Daniel Nguyen
Development Project Manager

A photo of Arden Roddie, Web Developer at Fourandhalf

Arden Roddie
Web Developer

A photo of Garrett Lushington, Web Developer at Fourandhalf

Garrett Lushington
Web Developer

A photo of Amanda Clemmons, Digital Ads Specialist at Fourandhalf

Amanda Clemmons
Digital Ads Specialist

A photo of Brandon Brigham, Web Developer at Fourandhalf

Brandon Brigham
Web Developer

quote symbol  I have been able to lean on Fourandhalf as a true marketing partner […] In a competitive market, they were able to help me standout and grow my business.quote symbol

Jennifer Newton

Walters Home Management, San Diego

How We Work



At Fourandhalf, we consider listening to be a core skill. Not only to understand the specifics of your business, but also to empathize with you and your customers. We need to know who you are, who you want to be, and how quickly you’d like to get there, so we can collaborate with you on the best property management marketing strategy to get the job done.





It may seem like you are only working with one individual at a time at Fourandhalf. Maybe it’s an account manager, or a PPC specialist, or video blog expert. The truth is our environment is one of constant collaborations internally, and we are with you to get the job done right. We practice a philosophy of “Yes, and…”. Meaning, “Yes, that’s a great idea, AND what about this as well…”. We believe ideas are the fuel that drives innovation and success in property management marketing campaigns.





Deliver? Well, of course! Every property management marketing agency should deliver. The question is what are they delivering? At Fourandhalf, we may develop some blogs with you, or set-up your AdWords campaign, or build you a website, but, for us, this is just the “stuff” you need to deliver results. This is what we really want to deliver for you. Results.





Have you ever experienced excellent service, obsessive attention to detail and deep empathy from a service provider? Fourandhalf clients do. Even if your business is not ready for growth, we welcome you to take advantage of our educational resources, many free of charge. Tune in to our podcast, sign up for our weekly educational blogs, and attend the most innovative property management conference, the PM Grow Summit.

However, care by itself isn’t good enough, you also need Competence.


We obsess about company culture and invest in our people, so you get to work with some of the most talented and competent people in the marketing space. The two constants here at Fourandhalf are our obsessive care for our clients and our consistent drive to innovate. Our team actively researches digital technologies, tests new products and attends marketing conferences.

Together, care and competence create Results.


At the end of the day, it is all about the outcome. Growing on your own isn’t easy, and finding a trustworthy partner who can actually deliver on their promises is even more rare. If your company is ready to scale, Fourandhalf is your partner for growth.

“I’m really pleased with my new One Partner website – I think it looks new and fresh and is easy for users to navigate. One of the best features is the quarterly check in with the Fourandhalf team which allows me to look at the web site and see how it is performing. This quarterly analysis shows me how many users I get, where they go on my site, and what SEO words are bringing them to my site. I can now make changes so that I’m attracting the type of users I want based on facts. Our websites are our one of our most important marketing tools yet most of us rarely look at them once they are up and running.”

Image of Stephanie Gordon owner of Gordon property management

Stephanie Gordon
Gordon Property Management

“I love our OnePartner website and have seen a significant increase in engagement with our prospective clients. The leads are better quality and higher quantity which allows our business development manager to close more contracts. After several years owning a business, I’ve found that it is more effective to find “who” can do the job instead of “how” to do the job. Fourandhald is the “who” you need to keep those leads coming so you can focus on other, higher-margin efforts in your business. Thanks guys, we’re enjoying the new website.”

Image of Jock McNeill owner of Alliance Property Management

Jock McNeill, MPM, RMP
Alliance Property Management

“Fourandhalf has been the cornestone of our marketing program. They are easy to work with and produce measurable reuslts. Every marketing dollar is important to us and Fourandhalf makes our budget work for us.”

Image of Danielle Miner Owner of Oak Trust Property Management

Danielle Miner
Owner Oak Trust Property Management

“We are only a few months in and the decision to swith to the One Partner platform is already parung dividends. Our inbound leads have significantly increased and perhaps more importantly, we can now actualy measure the effectiveness of our campaigns and 3rd party ads. I highly recommend the One Partnes team.”

image of Andy Moore owner of Gulf Coast property management

Andy Moore
Gulf Coast Property Management

What Our Clients Say About Us

Feb 19, 2021
Google Fourandhalf Michelle
We have been with Fourandhalf since the beginning and have found them to be responsive and innovative - Always taking it to the next level! We highly recommend them . . . and a special shout-out to our project manager Karen Wyle! She is the best!!!!
Feb 18, 2021
Google Fourandhalf Brian
We are extremely happy with our relationship with Fourandhalf and particularly Karen Wyle. They have helped us to organize our marketing, improve our customer satisfaction and most importantly grow our company.
Feb 17, 2021
Google Fourandhalf Dave
We love Brittany! Best Client Service Person & "Producer" ever!
Jan 31, 2021
Google Fourandhalf Joseph
We have been working with Four and Half for about 8 month now. They have been nothing short of exceptional for our PM company. Our rep. Karen and her team are responsive and highly creative when it comes to assisting us with marketing our PM company. We have seen results and ROI "ten fold" So much so, we are goinsg to utilized more of their services offered. Money well spent!
Jan 12, 2021
Google Fourandhalf John
Fourandhalf has taken PM marketing off my plate......and I couldn't be happier. Karen (my rep) is always there when I need her.
Oct 2, 2020
Google Fourandhalf David
We use Fourandhalf for our web services and marketing. I have had great luck. Enough can not be said for Garrett Lushington. He is simply amazing and has went above and beyond.
Aug 13, 2020
Google Fourandhalf The
Karen is the best! Very responsive and always keeps us up to date on changes!
May 25, 2020
Google Fourandhalf Sheryl
Good Morning Karen, I have been receiving leads every week and they have proven to be successful in signing up new Owners to Full Property Management. Eyad Yusuf has also received positive leads. Last I talked with Elena M. she had also received some very good leads. We are all happy about the recent number and quality of leads we have been receiving. Keep up the good work! Thank you so much! Sheryl
Nov 19, 2019
Google Fourandhalf Brad
Great company with a great service. Karen W. has been a great help to us!
Nov 4, 2019
Google Fourandhalf Steve
Karen Wyle has transformed our social media presence far past our expectations. I would recommend fourandhalf to anyone looking to upgrade their website or increase their internet traffic.

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Fourandhalf is here to help your property management company grow. We execute strategic plans on the digital marketing platforms that we know will help you identify and attract new business. We don’t simply offer you the plans - we deliver the execution.


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