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Social media marketing is an important tool for property management companies, especially when it comes to finding new landlords.

We’re talking about four specific social media platforms:

If you’re not on at least one or two of these social media sites already, it’s time to introduce your business there.

Educational Property Management Content

Your social media sites can help you earn trust, and one of the best ways to earn a landlord’s trust is to post educational content. Share a blog about why you’re a good property management company and why landlords should trust you with their assets.

It’s okay to be funny! You want to be engaging and you want to be personal. Show potential clients that you’re real. Post photos of your office and your staff. Highlight some of the properties you manage. Always include testimonials from happy clients and tenants.

When you’re active and natural on social media, you’re organically earning the trust of potential landlords.

Messages Must Fit the Channel

Not all content is appropriate for all channels. Think about your audience before you post something.

On Facebook, you can have fun. You can be educational, promotional, funny – even witty. As long as you keep it positive, basically anything goes on Facebook. If you’ve been on the site, you know that there’s a lot of variety in what people post and share.

LinkedIn is more of a professional platform, however. So, the content there should be more professional and educational. You wouldn’t post a video of your cat eating spaghetti unless it has some sort of business lesson to go with it.

Humor is okay. Humor is engaging. Just keep it professional and educational when you’re on a site like LinkedIn.

Use #hashtags, Especially with Twitter

Twitter is similar to Facebook in the type of content that’s shared. It’s a good place to post your promotional and educational content, and you can also share things that your audience might find entertaining. Use photos and video as much as possible, and remember that it’s like a microblog. You only have so much text, so whittle down your message to the essentials.

It’s also important to remember that your tweets have a short shelf life. Your tweets will only be visible for about 20 minutes. After that, a potential customer will have to go searching for them, and that’s not likely to happen. So, tweet frequently. Tweets are most often engaged with during the first hour that they’ve been posted.

Use hashtags. Make them unique to your company if you can. Research the hashtag you’ve chosen, and then use it in every tweet. Come up with several hashtags to match your content, and then use them when they’re relevant. Don’t go crazy with the hashtags – three or four per tweet are plenty.

Photos, Videos, and YouTube for Property Management Marketing

Whatever social media platforms you choose to use, make sure you’re posting with photos and videos. Those will help increase engagement, and your posts will show up more in the news feeds of your friends and followers.

Video is essential. If you record videos and video blogs, make sure to post those on YouTube. Google loves videos and Google owns YouTube. Videos are 50 times more likely to show up on the first page of search results.

50. Times. More. Likely.

That’s an opportunity you don’t want to miss. So, record and share those videos, and optimize them as best you can. Fill out the title, description, and tags. The title doesn’t have to be long, but make sure it’s descriptive and includes the keywords people are searching for.

The description should be a paragraph with some keywords and details that summarize your video. Then, add some tags, which are just keywords. Pick the ones that landlords searching for content might use.

If you can manage all four platforms, your social media presence will make your business look great. You have to maintain these accounts on a regular basis. It doesn’t require you to post every single day, but make sure you’re on there every week at least.

Potential landlords will see that you’re educating, sharing, and answering questions publicly. They’re going to love that, and you’ll have an easy time building trust.

Take advantage of social media’s power when you’re marketing your property management company. Also, if you missed part one of this blog, check it out here! If you have any questions or need any help, contact us at Fourandhalf. This is what we do, and we’d love to help you get started.