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Sales Process and Email Marketing

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Sales Process

Sales Process Setup and Customization.

To help you close more leads, Fourandhalf partnered with LeadSimple, a Property Management business-specific Lead Management software tool that is extremely simple to use.

Your Fourandhalf Account Manager will setup your LeadSimple CRM by creating lead stages, workflows, and quick followup email templates to help you maximize every lead that comes in the door. Your leads will automatically flow into LeadSimple CRM, be assigned to a person, and finally trigger a sales workflow.

Fourandahalf.com has been a pleasure to work with. They have been flexible with our requests and are eager to help any way they can. They really work hard to make sure our company is getting the good feedback and the results we want to see.

Kaity, Park Place Property Management

Training, Support and Integration.

Property Management Sales TrainingThe Fourandhalf team will setup your LeadSimple sales process and provide training to make sure your team is able to start using the system quickly and allowing you to start closing more business.

We will insure the 3rd party integrations are optimized so the leads flow directly into the LeadSimple CRM and are connected to the Email Marketing system for ongoing Lead Nurturing.

Sales Process


Why bother with the Sales Process?

When phone calls go unanswered or messages are left on voicemail and you’re not paying the right attention to leads — your marketing plan isn’t going to work. There’s no reason to invest in marketing if you don’t have a defined sales process to back it up. If you cannot close the deals, there’s no plan that can help you.

What is Email Marketing?

Are you communicating with 100s of prospective owners who’ve inquired with your company in the past? Our lead nurturing system is clinically tailored for GROWING property management companies. We are here to help you wow your clients and prospects, as well as, close more business.

Email Marketing

Welcome Email to new Prospects.

property management email marketingEach inquiry will automatically receive a welcome email highlighting your value proposition, business reviews, and “Why work with us Video”. This sets your property management business & services apart from local competition.

We have used Fourandhalf for 3 years now and their services just keep getting better and better.

Scott, Sarasota Management & Leasing

Monthly Emails to Past Prospects.

email advertising property managers

Showcase your expertise with every person who’s applied for your services. Your past leads will receive a monthly email containing one of your articles and videos providing local property management advice. And of course, we’ll include a simple call to action for those who are ready to get in touch.

So Why Wait?

market to landlordsLeads are in your neighborhood! With the average lifetime customer value of a landlord being $5,040, it is up to you as an owner to not take any lead that comes by your business lightly. If interested, be sure to click below to get the indisputable best sales process technology exclusively for property managers today at a very reasonable price.

Fourandhalf is the easiest and most responsive partner we have. They know their stuff. And, what's even better is their products/services actually work! Our residents and owners are responding like never before. We plan to be with fourandhalf forever!

Douglas, Crest Core Realty, LLC

Our Reputation…

5.0 /5
208 Reviews

Apr 18, 2019
Google Fourandhalf Courtney
I’m so appreciative of our team at Fourandhalf. I say team because they provide a team and partnership relationship which is one of the top reasons I love this company. They truly care about their customers, the customer experience, and are there to offer guidance, support, and help along the way. Launching our new website was scary to me but they made the process easy. They supported me and were patient with me every step of the process. Extremely helpful and professional. Special shoutout to my girl, Karen! Thanks for being the sweetest person I’ve worked with in this industry.
Mar 14, 2019
Google Fourandhalf KeyPartners
I have been working with Fourandhalf for a couple of years and have been very happy with the results. Karen is great to work with and she and her team have helped me organize marketing and lead follow up, boosted our online presence and produced our new website. All have resulted in positive results and new business. I would highly recommend them!
Jan 31, 2019
Google Fourandhalf Terri
They provide exceptional customer service. They go above and beyond to exceed any expectation you may have. The have helped me build my business Steadily for the past several years. I could not have done it with out their assistance!
Dec 5, 2018
Google Fourandhalf DENNIS
I wanted to say thank you to Brittany Stephens for the year we have worked together and your professionalism. You have helped navigate me through the whole process and taught me a lot about marketing my brand. Merry Christmas
Nov 18, 2018
Google Fourandhalf Faraaz
What an experience, I started listening to the Podcasts with Alex, they were so educating and helpful, I naturally felt an inclination towards Four and a Half. Ever since I have started my marketing initiative, I have not looked back. My business is growing day by day and the results keep getting better and better. Mind you, it will work only if you embrace their step by step guide and process. Being a fan of content marketing already, I am even more excited as to what the future holds. Thank you Four and a Half!

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