Lead Management and Owner Nurturing for Property Managers

What are you doing with all the property management leads you gather? If they’re just gathering dust, you’re missing out on some huge opportunities. We’ll help you manage your leads, nurture those leads, and work out a strategy to turn them into customers.

Owner leads don’t grow on trees. Shouldn’t your marketing partner help you find and close more business?

Our experience with busy property managers is that finding the leads is rarely the problem. People are asking questions and looking for information all the time. What we can help you do better is stay in touch with those leads, continue to provide them value, and eventually close a property management deal.

The lead management strategy that we propose will fit perfectly with the marketing strategy that’s going to bring in more prospects and lead to better business. We’ll help you track where the leads are coming from, make your company available to meet their needs, and execute property management contracts that deliver additional doors.

Curious about what else we offer aside from Lead Management and Nurturing for property managers? View our comprehensive list of marketing solutions for property management companies.

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Property Management Leads: Focus on Owners Likely to Close

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It’s important to invest your time and talents on the owners and investors who are ready to sign on for professional property management services. We’ll help you focus on the owners who are ready to put you and your team to work. These are the landlords with questions and the investors seeking advice. They know a little bit about you before they make a call, and you need to be ready to deliver.

Ready to improve your property management leads process?

Fill out our marketing diagnostic and we’ll reach out.

Owner Nurturing: Get Indecisive Owner Leads to Tip the Scales in Your Favor

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Prospects who aren’t ready to sign your management agreement today aren’t going to be in the “no” column forever. You need to stay in touch. You need to remind them about who you are and what you do. You need to provide advice and service – without expecting anything in return. Show them that their investment experience could be easier and more profitable with your management services. When they’re ready, you’ll be the company they call.

It’s not enough to excel at lead management, you need to nurture indecisive owners as well.

Fill out our marketing diagnostic to get started.

Free Property Management Marketing Diagnostic

Finally, a marketing diagnostic specifically designed for property management companies. Fill out the form below to find out what you need to supercharge your marketing and unlock your company’s growth potential.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

What is a Marketing Diagnostic?

It’s a list of 10 questions which cover the necessary ingredients for a property management company to grow. A member of our team will walk you through each question to give you context and additional information on how they relate to each other.

What will a Marketing Diagnostic tell me?

It will tell you which specific aspects of your current marketing are working or perhaps not working. It will also show you gaps in your current strategy.

If I don’t do any marketing, should I still get a Marketing Diagnostic?

Much like a routine health check up, a marketing diagnostic will give you information regardless of whether you currently do marketing or not. It can even tell you where to start if you are planning on marketing in the future.

Nurture Existing Owners for Referrals and Additional Business

A sketch in a notebook demonstrating the data used by Fourandhalf to get property managers more property management leads.

It’s hard to find a marketing strategy that’s more effective than a raving fan. Let your current clients do a little bit of marketing for you. They can be your best assets when it comes to sharing stories and making referrals. Reward them for the business they bring you and remember that keeping a customer is a lot cheaper than finding a new one. You get what you give, so be generous with your clients, and you’ll be amazed at the additional business they can bring you.

Your clients know you’re providing a great value. Encourage them to talk you up to friends, associates, and anyone who might need you to show off your services.

What aspects of lead management and owner nurturing can Fourandhalf take care of?

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Fourandhalf is here to help your property management company grow. We execute strategic plans on the digital marketing platforms that we know will help you identify and attract new business. We don’t simply offer you the plans - we deliver the execution.


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