What makes a good purpose-driven website?

A good website is built with clear, concise content, and it’s purpose-driven. That purpose should be defined by these three things:

  • Who is my audience?
  • What do I want them to know?
  • What do I want them to do?

Website Content Answers Questions

Why is content so important to your property management website?

It’s important because not only will it describe who you are as a brand behind the company, it will also answer the questions that your users have. Your website visitors are purpose-driven. They usually have three clear and simple questions:

  1. Do you provide the property management services I need?
  2. What will it cost me?
  3. Can I trust you with my most important assets?

Purpose-driven websites will answer these questions clearly and consistently on every page.

Updating Your Website Content

How often should you update the content on your purpose-driven website?

We have some recommendations.

Base page content should be reviewed every six months or so. Blog content should be updated every week or two, if possible. The point of your site is to create a dialogue between you, your clients and all the members of your community. Allowing your content to get stale is a good way to help people forget about you.

You don’t want people to forget about you.

Valuable Content and SEO Impact 

Why is content important for SEO?

Content is one of the key factors that Google uses in determining who you are and where your website should be placed in search results.

Great content communicates your voice in an authentic way. You want your website content to sound the same way you sound when you’re discussing your company and your services in-person with a client or a prospective client. Your content tells Google who you are. It lets Google decide where you belong relative to keywords and search phrases that people are using.

Your website should always be evolving and changing. It’s a tool for creating and maintaining relationships with potential clients and current customers. There are so many changes in the property management industry. Maybe there’s a new investment opportunity in your area after a market shift. Maybe there’s more competition than usual in the rental market. Your website needs to change, too.

Change is constant, and at Fourandhalf, we don’t stop monitoring those changes. We are here to elevate ourselves and our clients. If you’d like help getting to the next level with your property management website, please contact us at Fourandhalf.