You Are What You Share: Social Media Tips for Property Management Companies

What makes a good social media post for a property management company? We’re answering that question in today’s blog.

Before you post something to Twitter or publish something on Facebook, stop and answer a few questions, these questions are called the Five W’s in the world of journalism. Ask yourself  What, When, Where, Why and Who. Once you answer those basic questions, you’ll know whether you’re about to post something useful.

Ask yourself what you are publishing and determine whether it’s relevant to you or to your audience. A social media page is a great stage to demonstrate your expertise and that of your company. It’s also a great place to educate people about what property management actually is. You have to be certain that what you are posting is valuable to your audience.

Your post needs to be timed right. There is no point in publishing something on social media that was originally published 12 months ago. The information you’re sharing has to be timely and accurate, especially when you are discussing laws and regulations. Pay attention to your timing as well. There are certain days and times that more people are going to see what you post.

There is a lot of common property management information that can be shared between states and even around the world, but what happens in the state next door or a city across the country is not necessarily right for you. Keep your content local and make sure you are posting information that’s important to your area.

You need a rationale for why you are posting. Make sure the content you publish is right for you and your audience.

As we mentioned, the most important thing to think about with social media is your target audience. You have to focus on who you want to reach and make sure your posts are easy for them to read and accessible.

These tips will help you make good choices when you’re deciding what to post and publish on social media. However, if you just want someone to take care of Social Media Postings for you,  please contact us at Fourandhalf, and we’d be happy to take care of this for you.