Fourandhalf works with Property Management companies to help with Social Media and Internet Marketing, and one of the questions we often get is:

“Why do I need to be actively posting on Facebook and Twitter?”

In addition to the obvious benefit – the possibility of actually getting leads – here are our top 3 reasons why Social Media activity can help you grow your Property Management business:

Search Rankings

Google plays its cards notoriously close to the chest when it comes to their search algorithms but, a number of objective tests, including this one, have shown that activity on the various social media sites has a definite effect on your website’s organic search ranking. It’s important to note that this is what’s called a “White Hat” approach – an ethically “good” method, as it uses human interaction rather than computer trickery to work. FYI, White Hat approaches are generally slower to effect your rankings, but have a more lasting impact, unlike “Black Hat” methods, which Google constantly fights to negate.

Cultivate Referrals

Our clients often tell us that existing customer referrals are a significant source of new business.  Staying active on social media will help to increase the quality of your current customer relationships. Marketers use the term “Top of Mind” for a company or service that is the first one you think of in a particular category. It’s just common sense – if I say “police car,” you’re more likely to picture the livery of the cop cars you see driving around your neighborhood – not one from the other side of the country. (Depending on how much “CSI” you watch, that is…)

If you are sharing quality, relevant information on your Facebook page, your landlord clients who follow you will have no problem recalling your name and suggesting your services to their friends.

Influence Purchase Behavior

2012 Edison Research study found that 56% of Americans had a Facebook profile – and it isn’t just young people – 55% of people 45-54 years old had profiles. The same study showed that 47% of those people said that Facebook has the greatest impact on purchase behavior.  This change in purchase behavior isn’t due to the advertisements on the top or side of the page, however; you have to be a part of the conversation.

Finally, customers’ expectations play a part, as well. For the longest time, all people expected a business to have was an address and a telephone number – by the year 2000, you were expected to have a website. Now, in 2012, customers expect a business to have a meaningful social presence, as well. Who knows what we’ll be doing in 10 years? We’ll keep an eye out for you…

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