What Property Managers Should Be Posting on Facebook

Today, Alex and Andy from Fourandhalf are continuing our series about Facebook for property management. We’re going to advise you on what you should be posting on your Facebook page. Last week, John pointed out that posting vacancies is not a good strategy because, among other things, it could alienate your audience. So, this week, let’s talk about what you should be posting. We want to share what we recommend to our clients: a posting strategy that makes it worthwhile for property managers to take time away from other tasks to post on their Facebook pages.

The best use of Facebook, in our opinion, is to help build your business. To use social media to establish yourself, in the minds of the general public and your potential clients, as a local expert in the property management field. To make that point, you should be posting local market updates, information on new laws, summaries of new ordinances, property management tips, etc. For example, we recently found and shared an article on how to rent and show older properties. This kind of information would be very beneficial for property managers to share with their audience on Facebook.

Think about your preferred audience – hopefully current and prospective owners. You have to consider how you can expose your company to them, encourage them to join your network on Facebook and how you can keep them engaged with you and your business. Marketing companies would call this building your brand. When you share relevant, insightful articles and information, you do that effectively. It isn’t always easy to find articles to share, day after day, that are relevant to your clients, but few companies do it right – so it’s a great opportunity for you to stand out.

At Fourandhalf, we offer a social posting service to property managers that helps them share important and expert information with their current clients and a larger audience. We manually seek out and share articles that specifically appeal to landlords and real estate investors. As we pointed out earlier, these will be updates on laws and regulations, maybe notices of new taxes that are coming down the pike and things of that sort to really set yourself apart as a property management leader. Your investors, future landlords and your owners will benefit from this information.

Here are few property management Facebook pages that do it right:

Sarasota Management & Leasing: https://www.facebook.com/SMLRentals

Mainlander Property Management: https://www.facebook.com/MainlanderPropertyManagement

Real Estate Connections: https://www.facebook.com/RecRentals

If you have any questions on Facebook in general, or if you’d like to start developing a Facebook strategy for your property management company, please give us a call at Fourandhalf. Otherwise, we’ll see you next week.