What Happens When a Property Manager Uses the Full Power of Internet Marketing and Social Media?

At the National Association of Residential Property Managers (NARPM) conference in Florida last week, FourandHalf’s Alex Osenenko spent some time with Andrew Dougill, of Hoffman Realty, a Tampa property management and real estate company. They took time out from meeting and greeting fellow property managers to discuss the value of Internet marketing and social media.

Is Internet Marketing Useless?

Some property managers have insisted that referrals are the only way to attract new clients, and spending time on Internet leads and social media marketing is useless and not worth the time. Andrew said he could understand that sentiment, but nothing could be further from the truth.  It is understandably frustrating if property managers are using online lead generation sites. There, you have to complete for online bids with other property managers, attracting price shoppers. A proper Internet marketing strategy should bring you customers who have already done their research and are ready to do business with you.

With 50 percent of Andrew’s business coming from Internet leads, he believes that online marketing and social networking is well worth his time and investment.

Andrew’s Internet strategy, working with FourandHalf, is multifold: he blogs multiple times a month, with both video and written content; he has fully fleshed-out Facebook and Google+ profiles, and is active in posting and commenting on others’ pages; and keeps a close eye on his online reviews on Yelp and Google+ Local.

The Benefits of Internet Marketing:

  • Attract additional leads. Referrals are great, and all property managers appreciate and prefer them. However, reaching new clients online is helpful, and you really do get what you pay for.
  • You have the opportunity to share information. Andrew makes a point of blogging several times a month about topics that are useful to property managers and landlords.
  • It builds your online reputation. When you are sharing information about property management online, through blogs or other social networking channels, people have the opportunity to get to know you.
  • Positive reviews can be shared. Clients who are happy with your work should be willing to post testimonials on your behalf. This will help potential clients research your company before they even give you a call.
  • Competition is eliminated. Instead of calling around to 5 or 6 property management companies, potential clients will call you and only you. Once they have seen what you have to offer online, there is no need to compare you to other property managers. Your Internet presence and online reputation bring your clients directly to you.

According to Andrew, 95 percent of his Internet leads speak only to Hoffman Realty. They are not calling around to compare prices and services. They have already done their shopping and their research online, and they are ready to talk seriously about their properties and their needs. Working with FourandHalf on Internet marketing and social media strategies has changed Andrew’s business at Hoffman Realty for the better. He is amused that, recently, a phone call came in from outside his service area from someone who had learned about Hoffman Realty online and wanted to work with them. Andrew said it was unfortunate to have to turn down the client, but exciting that his business exceeding the kind of reach and reputation he’d hoped.

If you have any questions about Internet Marketing and Social Media for Property Managers, feel free to contact us.