When looking into marketing services for your property management company, there are a few things you need to consider and understand before making such an investment. To make sure you are able to see results from marketing, we’ll share the four things you must consider before committing your property management company to a marketing campaign.

Do Good Work for Existing Clients

If you want to build a sustainable long-term property management business, you first need to be taking care of your current set of clients. Your current clients are your best marketing tool. Why? Because they will refer their friends, leave reviews, and help you in any way to keep your business flourishing. If you do a good job for them, they’ll bring you more business, and they’ll be good to you.

How does this relate to marketing? Look at it this way: People do their research, especially when it’s going to involve something as valuable as an investment property. You can spend $1,000 a month on AdWords, but if your work is subpar, prospective owner leads will find out. Make it part of your property management company culture that you will take care of your clients, which includes owners, tenants, and vendors

Evaluate your Sales Process

Before signing up for a property management marketing campaign, you should evaluate your current sales process. Are your current systems and processes in place to support growth? You don’t want any new owner leads to fall through the cracks. You’ll need to evaluate the following items:

  • Your closing ratio.
  • How quickly you’re able to reach out to leads.
  • How many times you’re following up with leads.

Evaluate what you’re doing and how well you’re doing it. Marketing brings you exposure and leads, but all of that means nothing if you are not able to close owner contracts. If you need to improve in these areas then it’s worth exploring a Sales CRM to complement marketing. The extra leads you’ll be able to close will be well worth the extra investment. When an uptick of leads do arrive, you will be ready for it.

Be Patient

There are plenty of companies out there who will tell you they can get you results in 10 days or get you to the best ranking on Google in one week. You may want to consider the feasibility of those claims, and do some in-depth research about those companies. Rome wasn’t built in a day – and neither was great marketing. The marketing that leaves a lasting imprint takes time to develop. If it was easier, everyone else would be doing it.

Remember that this is an investment for you and your business. If you are afraid of time and money being wasted for little to no results, make sure the marketing partner you choose is competent and is utilizing the absolute best practices to help your company grow digitally. It may be tempting to circumvent the process and utilize “black hat” tactics, however, the consequences will far outweigh the benefits when/if you get caught. Google was penalizing sites just last week!

Dedicate Time

High-performers always find a way to make time, even if they don’t have time. As an owner, working on marketing can easily slip; marketing is usually reserved for long-term initiatives. Have the discipline to set aside two hours twice a month in marketing and you’ll be surprised by your progress.

Do you have the time? If you’re too busy during the day or week, find someone in your company who can give the right amount of time and headspace to these projects. During the first few weeks or two months of setting up your campaign, you have to be involved. No one knows your business better than you. If a marketing company needs your help, it’s to ensure you are seeing the best results for your company.

In conclusion, these are four things you must think about before you dive into a marketing campaign. If you have any questions about internet marketing for property management companies, please contact us at Fourandhalf.