What kind of property management company do you want to be? The industry leader who has advocates for their service, or another company that just gets found?

Online content is crucial for your company’s growth, but when have you done enough content marketing?

There’s a short answer, a long answer, and a lot of information in between, so today we’ll address that question and discuss what you should be doing to be successful online.

When Do You Have Enough Property Management Blogs?

When it comes to your organic SEO, nothing is more important than the content marketing pieces you publish. The videos and blogs are the meat of your organic ranking. So, if you’re asking how many blogs you need and you want to know when you’ve filmed too many videos – the short answer is never.

Below is a natural timeline of the property management blogs you create and the type of results you can expect for your property management company. Each market is different, so the numbers below may vary, nonetheless use this as a guide on how these blogs work for you.

Foundational Blogs: 1-8 blogs

Knowledge Blogs: 9-16 blogs

Loyalty Blogs: 17+ blogs

Let’s explain.

Foundational Property Management Blogs (1-8 Blogs)

Your first 1-8 blogs are building the necessary base to your online platform and allow you to be found on search. These property management blogs answer generic but crucial questions and usually cover topics like tenant screening, tenant eviction, maintenance, etc. This lays the groundwork for your company and demonstrates that you are indeed a property management option for landlords and investors.

Knowledge Blogs (9-16 Blogs)

What happens when your car is low on fuel? You don’t simply dump the vehicle and assume you’re done with it. Instead, you fill up with gas and continue. Similar to your vehicle, blogs work in the same manner. You need to keep adding fuel and filling your site with new content to get the most out of your property management blogs.

You started off by answering the broad topics, now you’ll get the opportunity to dig deeper with specific, more pressing issues. This lets prospects know that you are well-versed in your trade. People will still call you and ask about your fees, but these property management blogs will allow them to understand why you are the right choice. These 16 blogs or so give you the necessary momentum to position yourself as a leader in your area.

Loyalty Blogs (17+ Blogs)

It’s great to have people find you online, but it’s even better to turn them into fans of you and your company. These are the people that remain your clients for life and refer you to substantial leads. They first like you, and now they love you.

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