Before we could get John’s recent blog about property management websites posted, we were reminded of a question that our clients ask us all the time: what’s with those weird emails from random companies about SEO? Are these property management SEO spam emails? Or are they legit?

You may have noticed that these emails that tell you your website is not ranking for important keywords. They’ll ask you to call them for help.

A lot of people ask us if these are spam emails, and the answer is yes – they are absolutely spam.

The companies trying to get your attention have not done a lot of research on your company and your website, and they actually have no idea if you’re ranking or if you really do need help.

What to Know About Property Management SEO Spam Emails:

Predatory SEO Companies are Risky

How do we know these are spam emails?

Because John gets them too. And John’s not the only one getting them; everyone here at Fourandhalf gets these emails.

These spam emails are coming from black hat or shady SEO companies that are trying to prey on the lack of knowledge that a lot of companies have when it comes to how you successfully rank in online searches.

This is a shame because we have seen some of our clients use these companies. Initially, they get a quick SEO hit out of it. But, the end result is not good. Every time, Google either figures out what they’re trying to do, or a change is made to the algorithms and the company gets penalized for it in the long term.

It’s more expensive and time-consuming to get yourself out of this kind of trouble than it is to get into trouble in the first place.

An example of a property management SEO spam email

SEO Best Practices are Always Evolving

It hurts, when you get these emails that say you’re missing keywords and not ranking as well as you could be. But the truth is – everyone has missing keywords that can help them rank better.

John runs a digital marketing company, and even we have keywords that aren’t being utilized in the best ways. Why? Because things are always changing when it comes to SEO and online marketing.

This is why we take the time at Fourandhalf to do the ongoing maintenance and improvement of your website. Our program helps our clients keep up with these changes and make smart decisions about keywords and marketing strategy.

Generally, these spam emails will promise that you’ll rank in the top spot for a specific keyword. They’ll always choose some keyword that’s easy and useless to prove their point. They might even choose your property management company name as the keyword. Yes, you should be ranking for that, but it’s not the most important thing your marketing efforts should focus on.

There are ways to improve your SEO, keywords, and search ranking without doing shady things.

Adding Value to Your Website and Content

Instead, look for a reliable, long-term marketing program that won’t require a devastating recovery process. True SEO success is built on adding value to your website and your brand on an ongoing basis. You need to approach this by utilizing a number of different fronts over the course of many years. Good SEO is an investment. There is no quick fix for this, and there are especially no solutions to be found through some company that randomly reaches out to you.

So, if you get those emails, feel free to do what John does: Read them. Laugh at them. Trash them.

If you have any questions about this, please contact us at Fourandhalf.

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