Have you been looking for more marketing ideas for your property management company? Is your current strategy not getting you the kinds of owner leads you’d like?

Let’s start with this: Property management marketing shouldn’t just get you owner leads. It should get you the right kind of owner leads. That means, owner leads that will thrive working with your property management company. If they thrive, you’ll thrive.

Why waste your time and money chasing leads that aren’t a good match for your company’s structure and speciality? Instead, create a marketing strategy that collects better and longer-lasting leads, and filter out the rest.

To get started, here’s ten property management marketing ideas to attract the right owner leads for your property management company:

Property Management Marketing Ideas:

1. Identify Your Property Management Company’s Ideal Owner

The first step is to figure out the right kind of owner. At Fourandhalf, we like to call this the ideal client. We talk to a lot of property managers who tell us their ideal client is anyone with a rental property within their service area.

Now, that may sound like a reasonable response. But if you think about it, do you really want to:

  • Manage a property that is falling apart?
  • Take on a property that’s in a bad neighborhood?
  • Work with an owner who was nickel and diming you?

A lot of property managers can easily rattle off the qualities of their ideal tenant, but only a few can identify their ideal owner client. Defining your ideal owner client can be challenging, and one useful tip is to look at your existing portfolio:

  • Which property owners give you the most profit without driving you and your staff crazy?

  • What types of rental properties do they own? Where are they located?

At Fourandhalf, we believe that understanding a company’s ideal client creates a strong foundation for property management marketing.

2. Content Marketing Connected to Property Owner Pain Points

Now that you know who you want to target, the next step is to create content that is related to the owner’s pain points.

You’ll want to create written blogs, videos and eBooks. Provide website content that deals with the problems that you know your ideal owner is having. This helps your SEO by putting your website in front of owners who are searching for solutions to those problems. The more you’re helping owners understand their problems, the more trustworthy and show-worthy you look to Google.

If you’re scared about giving too much information, just think about this — with the power of the internet, property owners and investors can easily find answers with a click of a button. Wouldn’t it be nice if they found those answers on your website and see you as a trustworthy property manager with nothing to hide? Once they reach a point where they can’t handle it themselves anymore, who do you think they will call for help?

Property Management Marketing Ideas: Content Marketing

3. Create Frequently Asked Questions for Owner Leads

Create a frequently asked questions list, which you can provide to owner leads and include on your website. This is different from your blogs because each owner you’re reaching is in their own stage of the buying cycle. Some owners may be going after generic information, so they want a quick answer. Other owners may be more serious about it, and they’ll want a deep dive on a particular topic.

You want to cater to both audiences.

The questions that need answers are actually in your email inbox. You get a lot of emails from existing owners and owner leads with questions that come up again and again. If a question comes up over and over during the sales process, then it’s something that future owner leads will be asking. Answer it on your website.

4. Make your Property Management Website User-Focused

Your property management website must be user-friendly. When they visit your website, both owners and tenants want to find information or perform an action. When they cannot find the information or perform the action they want, they will jump to another website.

A frictionless website will draw new leads in rather than push them out. This makes it more likely that they’ll stay with you and convert.

5. Comprehensive Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Another key component of property management marketing is your website’s search engine optimization. If your website doesn’t have the right keywords, owners will have a hard time finding it when they search online for property management.

Remember, search engine optimization isn’t just about one thing. It’s a combination of many things like your website copy, your blogs, and your videos. Other things matter like page titles and descriptions. Everything works together to bring you to the top of search results. It is very important to find a marketing agency that understands the industry so that they know what to look for when they are crafting your website copy.

Property Management Marketing: Creating a User-Friendly Website

6. Review your Property Management Packages & Pricing

This may not be as obvious, but you need to review your packages and pricing. Whether you are a brand-new property management company or a mature company that has been in the industry for decades, it is still a healthy exercise to re-examine pricing time and time again. Make sure that what you offer is tied into the needs and the wants of the types of owners that you want to attract.

Pretend that you’re that property owner. Go through your packages, services list, pricing, etc, and see if they make sense as solutions to the property owner’s needs and problems. Remember that although you know what’s included in a management fee, a typical owner does not.

Your website needs to include this information, and make sure it’s easy to find.

7. Take Charge of your Property Management Company’s Online Reputation

Property management marketing will attract owner clients if you manage your online reviews properly. Remember this famous quote: “It takes a lifetime to build and only a second to destroy.” That describes your reputation. So, make sure you have a plan on how to deal with negative reviews and take control of your overall reputation.

Not all negative reviews will destroy your business. It’s all about how you frame your experience when you are dealing with owners. Also, negative reviews can be used to improve your business if it helps you realize that some of your vendors or staff members are creating issues. Flip the script and think about your online reputation in different way. Use it to your advantage.

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8. Use Email Marketing to Warm Up Your Owner Leads

Email marketing can warm up your leads. You probably have leads that aren’t quite ready to close yet, but don’t throw them into the lost leads pile. You don’t have to give up hope so fast. Choosing a property management company is a very big decision for property owners. Help them make up their minds by providing information they can use to figure out the needs they didn’t know they had. You can show them what will help their rental property. You’ll address their questions and answer their fears, and you’ll also position yourself as a supportive resource who is on their side.

9. Owner Referral Programs for Existing Owner Clients, Realtors, and Vendors

This is good old word of mouth marketing — tried and true.

Create referral programs for existing owners. Those owners know other owners, and they may have friends and family members who know owners.

You can also offer realtor referral programs. Having good relationships with local realtors can be powerful. It can be a huge win-win for all parties involved!

Referral programs that reward your vendors can also be a great way of getting new owner leads. Unless you have an internal maintenance department, you probably use a lot of local vendors and contractors. Chances are they service other houses that you do not manage.

If you communicate your ideal client to those parties, there’s a high likelihood that they will identify and refer those owners.

Property Management Marketing Ideas: Referrals

10. Have a Property Management Marketing Plan

Stay focused and on track with a property management marketing plan. It keeps your messaging consistent. It doesn’t matter how fast you are growing; if you are going in the wrong direction or you don’t know which direction you’re running in, you’ll never get to your destination.

If you need any help implementing these property management marketing ideas or you’d like to start with a marketing plan, contact us at Fourandhalf. We are passionate about helping property managers like you win at every stage of marketing and growth.

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