Keys to a Great Property Management Website: Attracting New Business with User Experience, Content and SEO

What makes a property management website great?

At Fourandhalf, we hear this question a lot, and we’re always happy to answer it.

Having a strong property management website is a key strategic component of having a successful property management company.

But, how is this achieved?

There are several important things to have on your website to ensure success.

User Experience is Critical

Your website must be easy for your audience to navigate.

By audience, we mean your owners and your tenants. Your content should be relevant to them, and they should be able to find exactly what they need when they are on your website. It should look professional and it should represent your business well.

When your site includes videos and images, owners and tenants can visualize how it would be to work with you. You develop an instant sense of trust and familiarity.

Your Content Speaks for Itself

A user will arrive on your website, and three questions will immediately enter that person’s mind:

  • Does this company have the property management services that I need?
  • How much will it cost me to do business with this company?
  • Can I really trust this company with my property or properties?

Your website content has to be relevant enough to answer any questions or concerns that the user has. You also need enough content to answer those questions and provide information. You can’t just have a website that’s filled with pictures and lacking text.

For SEO purposes, your site needs enough content to get Google’s attention and establish yourself as relevant enough to rank high on search engines when people are searching for property management services in your area.

Updates and Changes are Important

The internet is always changing and moving.

Your website must reflect this. Focus on making sure the content and information on your website is meeting the needs of all your users. Fresh pictures, fresh information, and new twists and ideas to make it stand out are essential. You want to make sure your website changes with the right internet trends so your company isn’t left behind.

Is Your Website Attracting Business?

Perhaps the most important measure to determine if a website is great comes from the amount of business you get from it. Think about your website ROI. You spend money building and launching your website, and you have to ask if you’re really getting anything back.

If you can’t answer that question, you need to measure your results and think about how your website can grow your property management business.

At the end of the day, you want a website that brings in business, and it should be a tool that helps you reach your goals and grow.

SEO is critical. Lots of people become obsessed with getting the first spot or getting on the first page of Google for their search terms. But, would you rather have a non-converting website that is ranked number one on Google or would you rather have a website that actually helps you grow your business?

You be the judge.

If you’re ready to have a property management website that is not only great, but that also grows your business, then request your free website analysis by Fourandhalf. Or, take a moment and learn more about property management websites developed by Fourandhalf.