How big is your property management marketing budget?

Whether it’s big or small, wouldn’t it be nice to stretch that budget a little bit?

Today, we want to talk about some creative ways to get more out of the marketing dollars you’re spending to grow your property management company.

Property Management Marketing Budget Tips:

Embrace the Reach of Content Marketing

One of the best and most creative ways to make your marketing budget work harder is through aggressive content marketing.

If you have already done some educational videos or blogs, then you can use that content to continue attracting new business. Turn those blogs into eBooks or email nurturing campaigns.

Maybe you don’t have any content yet. If that’s the case, then right now is a really good time to get started.

Creating educational content for your property management company is relatively inexpensive, and it brings your company ongoing value even long after it’s published.

Maximize your Credit Card Points

Credit cards aren’t just for making big purchases.

Another creative way to stretch your marketing budget is to use your credit card points towards something that will help you grow. Maybe you can utilize those points to buy the filming equipment you’ve been wanting to finally get that content marketing going. With higher-quality content, you’ll have a better chance of driving in more leads.

Look for Great Opportunities with your Bank and Other Vendors

Sometimes, there are opportunities with the companies you use every day.

For example, if you’re a client of Seacoast Commerce Bank, did you know that you can use your banking credits to pay for Fourandhalf marketing? That’s basically free marketing just for using a bank – which you have to do, anyway.

If you don’t know what I’m talking about because you aren’t a Seacoast Bank client, be sure you check them out and see if you qualify.

Review Subscriptions and Resources

Review all your subscriptions and the tools that you’re paying for.

Are you actually using them? And, are you using them to the fullest?

If not, ask yourself why. Maybe you don’t have the time, and maybe you don’t know how. As a business owner, you need to focus on what works and what doesn’t. If the tools you’re paying for aren’t serving your needs, think about other ways to do things. Maybe it’s time to consider outsourcing your marketing to an agency you can trust. Your time is worth a lot, and as a business owner, you can probably spend it doing things other than marketing your property management business.

Marketing is not something that should happen occasionally. If you want to see results, marketing needs to happen daily throughout the entire year.

Take your Tax Deductions

There’s one more thing that we want to remind you about.

Marketing expenses are tax deductible. So, when you increase your marketing budget, you’ll grow your business a little bit more. You’ll also enjoy a tax deduction, which always helps.

Building Your Property Management Marketing Budget? Consider Fourandhalf.

Remember that marketing is an ongoing investment, and something that requires a comprehensive, holistic, and professional approach. We’re here to help you create and execute successful property management marketing strategies. If you have any questions, contact us at Fourandhalf.

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