There are several ways to use your existing content to increase business.

Today, we’re focusing on 5 definitive things you can do with your blogs to close more leads and grow your property management business. These are things we do at Fourandhalf, and our most successful customers use these keys to growth as well.

Filming blogs is difficult.

It takes time, mental energy, and resources to film and write about what’s relevant to your customers. Let’s imagine you have already done it, and you have a nice collection of blog content in your business arsenal. Or, you’re planning to do it. Here are 5 ways to keep using those blogs.

Use Blogs to Boost Website Traffic

When you post your blogs on your website, you get a fairly significant boost with Google in terms of the depth of your website and SEO. You’ll see your ranking increase, and at the very least – you’ll get more traffic. If you look at your website and you measure the traffic, blogs that are well-written, properly titled, and able to answer your customers’ questions will increase traffic, increase conversion, and increase leads.

Use Blogs to Nurture Email Campaigns

Blogs you have already done will help you with setting up email campaigns. Take a written article, put it in your newsletter template, and automate it with Mail Chimp or a similar system. Now, all the leads that you haven’t closed will hear from you with a useful piece of content.

If you’re closing 30 percent of your leads, you don’t want to forget that other 70 percent. By sending them high quality content, you’ll keep in touch with people and get those leads that you didn’t close back into your funnel.

Include Blogs in Your Sales Process

Make sure your sales people understand the topics you have covered with blogs and articles. You get more credibility if you can follow up with a prospect and say: I know you had questions about staging a rental property, here’s a blog we did about how to stage a property to get the best rental applications.

It gives you credibility, shows you’re an expert, and helps you close that sale. This differentiates you from your competition. No one else is likely to take the time to follow up this way.

You’ll also drive more people to your blog.

Post Blogs on Social Sites

Share your content on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. If you re-share your blogs every few months, you’re increasing your exposure, which results in an SEO boost. You’ll get even more out of it if you’re willing to invest $5 or $10 with a Facebook boost. We recommend you try that. With just a small budget, you can choose your audience and maximize your reach.

Google ranks websites on content, but also on popularity. That’s a big part of the Google formula. The more popular you are, the better you rank and show up for your prospects. So, a boosted post creates more likes and shares, which gets you a higher Google ranking.

This is a great way to use your content.

Put Together a Blog-Based eBook

Finally, you can stitch all your blogs into a cohesive eBook. This becomes a downloadable asset. You’ll increase conversion and leads because you’re offering something for nothing. You have an eBook that landlords can download even if they’re not ready to call you or inquire about your services. Instead, they can self-educate, and you’re the company they’re going to remember when it’s finally time to seek professional property management help.

These are the 5 best ways to use your blogs and get more property management leads. If you have any questions or need to create some content, contact us at Fourandhalf.