3 Reasons Animated Videos Work for Property Managers

The animated video is a popular marketing tool that can be useful to property management companies. These videos are also called explainer videos or cartoon videos. You have probably seen them on websites explaining the products that a company sells. There are three good reasons why you, as a property management company, can benefit from animated videos.

1. Pricing vs. Value

Your value proposition is explained more easily with this type of video. A typical person who is not involved in property management on a daily basis has a perception of what a property manager does, and it’s usually inaccurate. So instead of letting people think that all you really do is collect rent, you can show them with a good explainer video that there’s a lot more involved. Your video can demonstrate for people in two minutes or less that successfully renting out a house includes marketing, finding qualified tenants, managing the repairs and maintenance, conducting inspections, mitigating risk and lots of other work. Your video can establish the value a customer gets with your pricing.

2. SEO Boost

Time on your site is one of the most crucial metrics Google uses to determine your search ranking and placement. Animated videos can help you improve that position by moving your website higher on search. The more relevant you are to the people who visit your website, the better Google will rank you. When you have a two minute video for people to watch while they are on your site, every user who spends time on that video will stay with you longer. That helps you out. If you don’t know this already, Google owns YouTube. That’s why it’s so important to properly tag and optimize your videos. When your video can rank by itself, your SEO efforts are greatly improved.

3. Business Asset

The animated video you create becomes a business asset for your property management company. It’s portable and easy to use with your other digital marketing strategies. This video can be used on your landing page or when you use paid search like Google Adwords. It’s an outstanding piece of ready-made content for your social media marketing as well. You can easily turn it into email marketing by putting it on the signature of all your employees.

Instead of telling people about your services – show them. Videos do extend your brand and they will ultimately help you sign more management contracts.

As always, if you have any questions about animated videos or anything pertaining to Internet marketing for property managers, contact us at Fourandhalf.