3 SEO Tips

Search Engine Optimization – or SEO – is crucial to growing your Property Management business, and at Fourandhalf we’re always working on better Internet marketing ideas for property management companies. So today, we are going to share 3 tips for increasing your SEO. These tips will bring more prospects to your website and help you convert those visitors into strong leads.

Tip #1: Menu Items

Your front page layout, particularly your menu items, needs to be clean, clear and simple. We recommend that you have four key menu items on that front page:

Property Management Services
Realtor Referrals

The purpose here is to increase your SEO by reducing your bounce rate and increasing the time spent on your site. You have a lot of different people coming to your site and you want to give those tenants, real estate agents and prospective clients easy directions. Channel each visitor to the proper area of your site. Instead of leaving, they’ll spend more time there. Property management companies sometimes have all sorts of menu items, like media relations or other unrelated topics. It’s okay to have any menu item you want, just keep those things on other sub-menus within your site. Your front page must be clear, clean and easy for people to navigate.

Bonus tip: Consider putting together a pricing page.

Tip #2: URL Structure

Develop a strategic URL structure for all those separate pages on your website. They should be consistent and descriptive. For example, if you are a property management company in Sacramento, your sales landing page should have a URL like this:


Similarly, your owner’s page should have a URL like this:


When your URLs make sense, Google can find you faster and you get an easy SEO boost. No page on your site should have a bizarre URL that doesn’t make sense. We DON’T want to see this: mypropertymanager.com/46893-index.html

Tip #3: Landing Page

This is the page designed to convert website visitors into actual leads. Your business opportunities flow from this page, so you have to make it outstanding. It has to be consistent and it has to help you convert. Think of it as your 24-hour Internet salesperson that never needs a day off. There are 6 items you absolutely must have on this page to outsell your competition and be more effective in attracting property management business.

1. Title. This might seem obvious, but you’d be surprised at how many landing pages don’t have titles. If you are a property management company in Sacramento, the title should be something like Sacramento Property Management. Make it big and bold so you can help your SEO and tell people what you do.

2. Phone number. People need to be able to reach you, so make sure that number is clearly visible. Don’t hide it in the text somewhere or off to the left side of the page. Put it right under your title and your branding.

3. Email form. Give visitors a way to get in touch and include only four or five fields. You may have seen forms with 45 fields, and that’s really going to test the patience of your visitors. Just ask for basic information so it’s easy for people to provide their contact information.

4. Value propositions. List between 4 and 6 reasons your company is the best. Make yourself shine so you can effectively sell your property management services to a prospective client. Put your best value propositions out there and list them clearly.

Bonus Tip: Speak in terms of Benefits vs. Features. Example: We’ll Rent Your Property Fast vs. Aggressive Marketing Strategy

5. Testimonials. Include testimonials from Google and Yelp. You can also use any feedback you’ve received from clients or tenants. Even video is good.

6. Why Work with Us Video. You need a video that tells people why they should work with you. Property management is a relationship business. People will do their research and you can help them get to know you by introducing yourself on video. This will build your relationship and establish trust a lot faster.

Bonus Tip: Want to see examples of some high-performing property management Sales Landing Pages? Email us info@fourandhalf.com and we’ll be happy to share the latest winners.

You can get started improving your SEO capabilities right now with these 3 tips. If you have any questions or you need any help putting these plans into action, you know you can always contact us at Fourandhalf.