Updated August 10th, 2022

Property managers are often asking us at Fourandhalf why we believe so strongly in video blogs. We know from our experience that video blogs can help property management companies grow their business, attract new leads, educate their owners, and put a welcoming face to their company. Today, we’ll share three main reasons why video blogs are so important.

Video Blogs Provide a Competitive Advantage

Video blogs provide a competitive advantage by allowing you to stand out from the competitionFirst, video blogs give your company a competitive advantage.

Video blogs establish you and your company as experts in the field of property management. When you post a video blog, not only are you sharing information, you’re taking advantage of an opportunity to share all your years of knowledge, advice, and expertise.

Think about your audience.

  • You may have a landlord watching your video who has a property of their own, and they may be struggling with a specific issue. When your video answers their question and helps with their issue, they will know your value immediately. 
  • Investors might also be watching your video, looking for advice on where to buy a rental and how to price their property. Your video blog gives you the chance to provide information on what you do best, which is property management. 

It also puts you ahead of your competition.

Currently, so many companies are using videos to convey a message that it’s almost crucial to have this resource available.

Video Blogs are a Business Asset

Video blogs are digital assets that will live online and continue to help your business grow.Just like your website, these blogs are a business asset. They’ll live online, which means they’re accessible. They can bring your property management company exposure when landlords and investors are looking for information and help.

They also help you begin to build trust with potential clients. Because of this asset, a prospect will already know something about you before they even get a chance to talk with you. 

You only have to do the hard work of creating, filming and publishing your video blog once. After you have it posted, it’s online forever. This is an asset that never sleeps, and it will continue to generate more business for you.

Videos can convey a lot of information in a short amount of time. Most users prefer to visually learn through videos. And it keeps content easily digestible. Video also increases engagement and drives more traffic to your website, increasing the amount of time people stay on your website.

Video Blogs Attract Future Leads

Video blogs bring in future leadsFinally, a video blog will generate leads.

While these video blogs are providing information to your targeted audience, they are also generating leads. Not only are they generating leads, they’re generating qualified leads. This creates or strengthens a bond with your prospective client. It provides information on who you are and what you can do.

The landlords and investors you hear from will feel like they have already met you. They know who you are and they like what they’ve seen and heard. 

Your ideal phone call isn’t from a landlord who wants to know how much you charge. Those leads are often not productive. Instead, you want phone calls from people who are already impressed with you and want to know more. Your video blogs will lead to specific questions landlords and investors may have, and they know already that you’re the company who can answer those questions.

These three specific points are only the start of what video blogs can do for you and your property management company. 

If you’d like to discuss this further, or you have any questions about how to create video blogs, please contact us at Fourandhalf. Otherwise, we’ll see you on next week’s blog.

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