Having a guest blogger on your property management website is becoming more common, and you may be wondering how it works.

When someone from a marketing company or another business approaches you with some content for your website to use as a blog post, you have a guest blogger. This benefits your guest by providing SEO traction with a backlink to their company on your site. They’re also reaching a wider audience, whether it’s in a different industry or a new set of customers they’re trying to reach through you.

How can guest blogging benefit you and your property management company?

There are three reasons you should consider allowing a guest blog on your site.

New Perspectives on your Property Management Blog

Many times, you have the same person doing the blog videos for your company. Even if you do text-only blogs, it’s the same voice. A guest blog brings a fresh perspective when you have someone else talking. It’s a little different from your own expertise. That new perspective and fresh voice can liven up your blog, and help to bring back your audience if they have strayed a little bit or stopped paying attention.

Introducing New Audiences to your Blog

With a guest blog, you have the opportunity to bring a whole new audience to your blog and also to your company. These are potential customers who may not have visited your blog previously. If you can attract new people based on another person’s blog post, you’re well-positioned to build your business. This is a following that can lead to traction on your site.

You’re Providing Fresh Content

Finally, you have the benefit of pushing out fresh content. Maybe your guest blogger is covering a topic you wouldn’t have covered if you were doing all the blogging yourself. If you’re a property manager, you probably do a lot of blogs on tenant screening and maintenance. If someone is on your blog talking about some great landscaping tips or something that’s outside of your realm of expertise, it brings a little something extra to your blog.   

Potential Downsides: What to Watch Out For in a Guest Blogger

The biggest risk to having a guest writer on your blog is that quality matters.

Search engines recognize poorly written content that was created just to put a backlink on your blog. If you’re using a guest blog, make sure the content is high quality and targeted towards your market and your industry. It must be written to benefit the user and not just to gain a backlink. You don’t want Google to drive down your SEO ranking or penalize you.

Screen guest bloggers as thoroughly as you’d screen a tenant. Look at their credibility and measure their experience in the industry. You want content that makes sense and fits your audience. Make sure they tell you what they want to post so you know it will work. Perhaps you can do a content exchange, where you write or film a blog for their site. This should be a mutually beneficial relationship, so if the opportunity is there, take it.

If you have questions about guest blogging, please contact us at Fourandhalf. We’re always happy to talk about content marketing.