The 5 Benefits of an FAQ for Your Property Management Business

A Frequently Asked Questions page, or FAQ, is an underused tool for growing your property management business. There are a number of ways that FAQs can help you stand out from your competition, rank higher in search, be found for more keywords, and close more business.

Get More Owner Leads

A well-developed FAQ on your website will help you get more phone calls and email inquiries. This is because you’ve already answered a lot of the initial questions that your prospects might have doubts about. This can make you appear more trustworthy than other property managers because you’re being a solution provider by addressing their concerns. That’s a huge opportunity for you.

Better SEO Ranking

An FAQ page can also help you rank higher on SEO. A strong FAQ will have the right keywords and content. Why? Because FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions – are by definition the phrases people use when typing in their Google searches. Frequently.

If you want to show up in search, you have to list these questions, answer them, and publish them on your site. This will get you more searches for two reasons: your property management website will rise in rankings, and you’ll get more traffic from long-tail keyword searches. What is a long-tail keyword search? It is a search that uses more than a few words and is often written as a complete sentence. For instance, “What does professional property management cost” is not only a great question to answer in an FAQ but also a question many people put into a search engine.

Source of Great Blog Ideas

Video blogs for property managers are a huge opportunity. You can turn each one of your FAQs into a video just like the one featured with this blog. For example, lots of people might ask you how much they can rent their properties for. You want to record a blog just like this and walk people through the difficulties in determining their potential rent. At the end of the video, ask them to contact you for more specific information. You’ve helped them by answering a question – so right away, you’re perceived as an expert. People want to work with experts, not amateurs.

Follow Up Strategy

To be a winner, you need to follow up. You must have a structured sales process and you need to follow up with your prospects. The way to do that without being needy is to send them “contextual” follow up. Let’s say you take a call from a prospective landlord client who is concerned about their pool; maybe they want to rent their home but they aren’t sure whether to hire a pool service or have the tenant be responsible for it. After you get off the phone, you have another opportunity to help the client. If you have an entry for his pool question in your FAQ you can follow it up by sending it to them. If you haven’t already answered this question, you can take this opportunity and add it to your FAQ. Then send it to the prospect to help close this deal and have it ready for the next client that asks something similar.

Training Employees

FAQs are also great training tools. When you bring a new employee on board, that person probably knows a little about you, but not necessarily how you do business. A well-developed FAQ will help them understand the questions people are asking and how your business handles those questions.

Put some time into creating the FAQ and involve your property managers. Have a list of common questions ready and then go through and answer those questions. How often are properties inspected? Should I use a home warranty? How do you handle late rent? When you have these collected in one place on your website, you’ll get more business.

Hopefully this has helped you think about what you’ll do with the FAQs section of your website. If you have any questions or you need further help, please contact us at Fourandhalf.