At Fourandhalf, our obsession is Internet marketing for property managers. It’s all we do and it’s what we love. Today, we’re talking about how to choose a reputation management service that will help you grow and protect your business.

We’ll start with our own experience. As you may know, Fourandhalf partners with to bring property managers a successful and thorough program with full-circle reputation management. We thought it would help to compare what we have to what you might have, or to any potential service you are considering. Then you’ll know if you’re getting a good deal or if you need to give us a call.

Automatic Asks

If your system doesn’t allow you to ask for reviews, you won’t get very far. In property management, you have to ask in order to receive. This is not a service people are naturally going to review, so you need to be proactive about asking. Make sure your reputation management system sends out review requests by the dozens and even by the hundreds every month upon successful client experiences. That means asking for a review at least every time you complete a repair, any time there is a full security deposit return and every time a new tenant moves in. Our system automatically asks for reviews from tenants and owners.

Protection from Bad Reviews

In addition to monitoring your customer experience, you need to protect yourself from bad reviews. The system we use has a filter that does not allow instant publication of negative reviews onto the platform. When we ask for a review, only 4 or 5 star reviews get published. When you get a 1-3 star review, you’ll be privately notified so you can deal with those issues and take care of the situation without it becoming a public spectacle for you. Property managers should only use reputation management services that protect you from negative reviews.

Google and Yelp Reviews

Google and Yelp are the key review sources that everyone trusts. The system Fourandhalf uses automatically follows up positive reviews by clients with a request to publish reviews on Yelp and Google. This happens every month on a consistent basis. As your reviews are collected and published, you build your review capital. It’s important that getting a good review doesn’t happen just once in a while. It needs to be an ongoing event.

Showcasing Positive Reviews

Finally, you have to be able to showcase all those good reviews on your website, your landing page and even your blogs if you must. They should be shared anywhere and everywhere. Our widget allows embedding right in our clients’ websites so people can scroll through and read their positive reviews. You want to put these on your landing page too, so when you’re paying Google for clicks, your latest positive reviews are displayed. Make sure your vendor can take this important step on behalf of your company.

If your reputation management service can do all these things for under $300 a month without any contracts, we think you have a winner. If you’re in doubt about what your reputation management vendor can provide or you think you’re paying too much, contact us at Fourandhalf and we’ll take really good care of you and your reputation.