Fourandhalf Partners with to Help Property Managers
On the Fourandhalf blog today, we are excited to be talking with Kim from about our new partnership, which has the potential to bring tremendous value to our property management clients. The name gives a hint at what we’re going to be doing together, but there are a few specific things you need to know.

What is is a true Silicon Valley tech company that has been around since 2006. It was created so that every individual and business owner could have some essential tools available to control what people are saying about them online. The company provides a platform for businesses to monitor their reputations.

At Fourandhalf, we talk about this a lot: property managers suffer from the simple fact that when they do their jobs well, they can end up with angry people. Tenants who don’t like a property manager’s rent collection procedures can write a negative review and really slam a company online. We have always encouraged our property management clients to ask for reviews from happy customers in order to offset any damage the negative reviews might do.

In our new partnership, Fourandhalf will continue to help you with the process of asking for those positive reviews and responding to any negative reviews. will provide the platform and the technology to do this effectively and efficiently.

Key Features of

There are a number of key features that people love about There’s a dashboard that helps property managers pick up on any feedback that’s received online. If you have an angry tenant writing the same negative review on every possible website, the platform will aggregate or collect the feeds from each of those sites. Any time a new review is shared – whether it’s positive or negative – you’ll get an alert. is always listening. It’s almost like you’ll have a digital spy in all these communities, paying attention to what people are saying about you. The dashboard provides all the results of that spying.

All the data collects is compiled into reports that are made for you over time. These are valuable because you’ll be able to evaluate what kind of reviews are coming in and when they’re being posted. You’ll be able to see what has been written in the last three months, the last six months and over all time. If you’re getting a lot of bad reviews in one particular time period, you’ll be able to take a look at what’s happening and whether there are any processes that need to be adjusted. There may be things you can fix or improve upon, or maybe there were things happening that you didn’t even know about until those bad reviews started showing up. These reports will help you break down anything you need to fix, or it will encourage you to continue doing the right things when people are happy.

How Fourandhalf and are Working Together

Here is a list of what we’ll be able to accomplish for our property management clients:

• We request customer reviews from your landlords and tenants every month.
• We provide you with a testimonial page on
• We help you post a live feed featuring positive reviews on your website.
• We help you respond to any negative feedback using best practices.
• We answer the phone. Each client is assigned an Account Manager
• You can track progress and history via full access dashboard

For pricing and additional details, please visit our Packages & Pricing page.

This service that provides is an enterprise-class product that has some data mining capabilities. Fourandhalf and have a number of mutual clients and it’s been a very successful partnership. The platform is easy to use and you’ll really benefit from the email notifications that go out immediately when you’re reviewed. Your email will tell you who reviewed you, what was said and what site it showed up on.

At Fourandhalf, our team is helping property managers put together responses for the negative reviews when necessary. We have a specific methodology and a long history of using best practices to respond immediately and without overkill. As we have said in a previous blog, you never want to start a fight with a negative reviewer in a public space.

Here’s the bottom line, and it’s something we’ve always said: you have to get your happy customers to review your company. Property management is not like a restaurant that’s going to win a positive review because a customer had a delicious steak. You’re more likely to get attention when there’s a problem.

We want to make sure good people say good things about your property management company. is a phenomenal platform and when you work with us both, you’re going to pay a very low price for a very large benefit. I think we are going to pleasantly surprise a lot of people.

Look for the specifics of what we’re doing with in future blogs. Right now, feel free to contact us at Fourandhalf if you have any questions about what we can do for you with the help of an exciting new partner.