We all know how important a strong online reputation is for your property management company, and how it can impact new business coming in. Today, we’re looking at why it’s possible your competitor may be taking the new leads that could be coming to your company.

Comparing Reputations

Let’s say we have Company A ranking high on Google with 4.5 average stars from their reviewers. We also have Company B that ranks high on Google, but only has 1.2 stars. Put yourself in the place of the property owner, real estate investor, or the person with the rental property, looking for a management company. That person will go online and see two companies that both rank high – but one has an impressive rating and one has a low rating. Let’s face it, any person would choose the company with the higher rating.

Realistically, you will not be able to have bad reviews removed, so, you will need to keep generating positive reviews for your company to bury the bad reviews. We know that it can be challenging, but you have to solicit positive reviews from your current property management clients.

How Can Stars on AdWords Bring in Leads?

These days, it’s even more important to have a good reputation. Not only do those stars show up on Google and Yelp, but now they can be used in your Google Ads campaign. All of the ads you have on Google can now include the number of stars you’ve gathered through your reviews.

Perhaps you have a stellar reputation online, but you’re buried in the local search results and you can’t seem to capitalize on your good reviews. Now, you can make your reputation stand out in search results, especially when it’s compared to your poorly reviewed competitors.

You can get on the first page of Google with a successful Google Ads campaign. When you run an AdWords campaign, you will need to turn on the feature that displays your stars, which is called “Location Extensions.” It may not be a simple process, so ask the person managing your AdWords account if the location extensions are on. They should know what you’re talking about, if not, have them do their homework because this is a really important step for your business. The reason we say this, is because location extensions must be connected with your Google + business account, which will display your stars.

Your online reputation is getting more important by the day. Contact us at Fourandhalf with any questions you have about how online advertising and reputation management can bring you more property management business.