Property Management Reputation Questions Answered

You may be taking risks with your reputation that can result in Google and other platforms blacklisting you and your company. Today, we’re talking about reputation.

There’s only one right way to build a good reputation.

There are no shortcuts.

Algorithms are always changing and updating, and Yelp/Google pay loads of money to people to figure out how people cheat the system. Eventually, you will get caught.

Here are three questions we’ve received about reputation over the last week or two, and we hope these answers will help you build a positive, authentic reputation.  

Q: My page got blocked after leaving reviews of other property management companies. Should I just review those companies from other email addresses?

A: No, you shouldn’t. If you’re leaving inauthentic reviews for other property management companies, you’ll get caught. Yelp is specifically looking for companies who engage in this practice.

If you’re doing this, you’re putting years of good work at risk, and in one second your good reputation can be erased from Google.

There’s only one way to keep your reputation safe online. Focus on that.

Q: I’m moving to Florida in six months to open my property management company. Should I be reaching out to contacts now to get reviews?

A: No. Building your online reputation is like building a business. You have to do it in stages, and the first stage is to create a solid foundation. When it comes to reviews, the foundation is a physical address and channels that are open and ready to go when people can legitimately review your services.

Don’t reach out for early reviews. Wait until you’re in Florida and operating your business.  

Q: I’m looking to close down my Yelp page. What are the steps to doing that?  

A: That’s a good question. Unfortunately, when it comes to Yelp, people can review your company even if you don’t have a page. You don’t have the option of taking the page down, but you do have the option to either own the page or turn a blind eye while reviewers continue to do their worst. If you don’t know what’s happening on your Yelp page, it could be harmful for your company. Just because you aren’t keeping an eye on your online reputation doesn’t stop the fact that your prospects are reading those reviews.

When you own the page, you can track the reviews and learn from the negative ones while gathering positive reviews. With a completed profile and professional response habits, plus proactive requests for feedback from your loyal clients, you can raise your star rating and reap the benefits for your business.

The Only Way to Do It: Build Positive Reviews

As you know, it’s hard to keep everyone happy in the property management industry.

All you can do is your best – and that might result in angry owners or angry tenants. Bad reviews will happen. The idea is to learn from them and to continue generating positive reviews whenever you can.

If you have any questions about reputation, please contact us at Fourandhalf, and we’d be happy to talk about it.