If you think the only reason to have a blog on your website is because everyone else has a blog – that’s not good enough.

Your property management blog provides major opportunities for you, and today we’re sharing the three top reasons to have a blog on your property management website.  

Your Blog will Help You Rank for Top Keywords

When you have a blog on your website, you will rank better for your top keywords. We’re not just talking about the keywords in your blog content. Your blog will bring extra traffic to your website because people will come in and want to read the content or watch the video.

You’re sharing all this on social media, (right?) so people know where to find the content.

Visitors will keep coming back to your website because you are constantly adding new, interesting content. That traffic raises your domain authority and helps you rank for other keywords you’re targeting, like property management Birmingham or Atlanta property managers.   

Blog Content is Super Searchable

Everything that you blog about becomes searchable. So, if you blog about your perfect customer’s pain points, you’re getting to them before they’re even looking for property management.

Self-managing landlords with tenant issues will likely go to Google, but they’re not likely to start their research by searching for eviction protection programs; they’ll start by searching something like, “how to get rid of a bad tenant.” And then if you’re using their pain points as keywords, not your solutions, you’re there first with the information they need. That also leads to more traffic, and it keeps growing.

Keep in mind, each page you add doesn’t just rank for one thing. If you’re providing 200 or 400 words of useful content, as you should, search engines will pick up on the variations of the things you say, and you’ll rank for more and more phrases; phrases like “a good lease agreement”, “find an investment property with positive cash flow,” or even – and we’ve seen this pop up in Google Analytics – “tenant from hell.” This is called long tail search, and it powers our most successful clients.  

Your Blog will Bring in More Leads

As you rank higher for your main keywords, and you’re also showing up for long-tail phrases that people are using, you’re going to consistently show up when it counts.

That presence gives you an opportunity to establish a connection with people. You’re providing help, and you’re being honest. That’s better than a sales pitch. Video is especially terrific because it really connects you with people and establishes trust.

That visibility paired with that trust brings in leads. And that’s why we’re going to all this trouble.

At Fourandhalf, we provide internet marketing for property managers on a weekly basis, through our blog and our podcast. Here we are providing information to you – and we know it brings in leads. When you give out quality information, people will come to your blog, and visit your website, and give you a call.  

Don’t hang by the side of the pool watching the fun. Jump in with both feet.

You need a blog on your website. Every platform that provides and creates websites has an option for a blog. Use it. If you have any questions or need any help with your property management blog, please contact us at Fourandhalf.