Property Management Marketing: When Do I See Results? - Leads

Today on the Fourandhalf blog we are answering a question that we get a lot: When will my property management company see the results of its marketing efforts? In this particular conversation, we’re going to focus on leads.

Google Adwords

A Google Adwords campaign is a great way to bring immediate results. The minute you begin using Google Adwords, the campaign starts working for you. Over time, it’s the most expensive way to get leads, but it’s also the fastest and most effective platform you can use.

Reputation Management

People are already online and looking at property managers on Yelp and Google+. They are reading reviews and getting an idea of what kind of service property managers provide. If you have a good online reputation and you’re out in front of your competitors, you have an excellent chance of gaining new leads quickly. A positive reputation will have your leads coming in as early as tomorrow or the end of this week.

Content Marketing

One important thing to remember with content is that it takes time. It takes a little longer for your content to gain value and to get noticed online. If you have just started posting videos and blogs and sharing articles, it might take you up to six months to see those first results. The really outstanding results will come in after about 12 months. By that time, you will have successfully established yourself as an authority in property management through the content you share. This will have a huge impact on your company and the leads you’re able to acquire. If you’ve already been creating online content for a while, it may take two months or it might be your next blog that brings you big results. There really is a time investment with this kind of marketing, but if you’re willing to invest that time, it will make a difference.

Social Media

Don’t expect your Facebook and Twitter pages to bring you leads for your company. Yes, they are a great support for your media platform but they probably won’t bring in a lot of new leads. The Google+ page, however, is crucial for your business. A properly managed Google+ page will put you on Google pins, so make sure you are using that correctly.

This is a huge topic to cover, so if you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at Fourandhalf.  Otherwise, we’ll see you next week.