5 Ways Content Marketing Helps You Grow Your Property Management Business

Today on the Fourandhalf blog we are talking about five different ways that content marketing can help grow your property management business.

First, let me define content marketing. Content marketing is a way for you to get SEO and leads when you educate your clients on the most common and important issues they face. So in your case, you’ll be educating clients on how to evict a tenant, what to do when a tenant only gives you a partial payment, or how to establish pet policies and accept pet deposits. You need to develop content on whatever questions you get asked on a regular basis from your landlord clients. Put those answers in a conversational video and then document everything you talk about in a written article. You publish them both on your website, and you have successfully produced quality content. Here’s what will happen:

Get Better SEO

You will rank higher on search engines. The website that has the best content will always outrank the sites that have shallow content or no content at all. When you have high quality videos and blogs, you’ll be rewarded with a higher rank. This gets you more exposure on Google.

Improves Your Conversion Rate

Great content helps you improve your conversion rate. Do you want to work with an expert, or an amateur? The landlords that contact you want to work with a company that understands everything about property management. They don’t want a company that just has a nice website. Your content establishes you as an expert in front of potential clients.

More Effective Sales Process

Content marketing helps you improve sales. This is really the lowest hanging fruit and people often don’t realize how easy it is to close a sale by using work you’ve already done. When you are on a sales call, pay attention to what your prospect is struggling with and then offer some help. For example, if you’re talking to a landlord who has three properties and the tenants in two of those properties are behind on rent, email that prospect your blog about how to evict a tenant in Denver as soon as you get off the phone. You can use your content in your sales process every day.

Business Asset

Content becomes a business asset. Just like your website, the content you produce and promote only gets better with time. Your Google rank will be higher, your company will be easier to find online, you’ll get more business and benefit from far more predictable lead flow. Your content is an asset you have forever.

Easily Re-purpose

High quality content can be reused on other marketing channels. For example, maybe you want to create an email newsletter. Take a look at your blog and pick out a few articles to include in that newsletter. Share your videos on social media and promote what you’re doing on all your marketing platforms.

These five ways to use content marketing will help you build your business and develop your marketing strategies in 2015 and beyond.

If you have any questions about how to improve your own content, please contact us at Fourandhalf and we’ll give you some great ideas.