Providing exceptional customer service can help you do two important things:

  1. Convert prospects into actual business
  2. Retain your current clients

Today’s tips will help you focus on the trust and the relationship building between you and your current and future clients. People want to know you’re trustworthy before they hand over their assets. Showing them that you are will ensure you’re managing their properties for many years to come.

Converting Prospects into Business

The person responsible for answering phone calls at your business must be savvy about the services you provide. Otherwise, that person needs a direct line to someone who can answer all possible questions about what you do when you manage properties. The phone call should be forwarded immediately so that outstanding customer service is provided as soon as someone reaches out to your company.

If calls are coming to your cell phone, answer it when it rings, or get back as soon as possible to the prospects who leave messages. Ideally, you’ll call them back right away. If it takes too long for that prospect to hear from you, they’ll move on and look elsewhere. If you cannot answer your cell phone every time it rings, make sure you have enough voicemail space to collect messages. Return those calls promptly. 

Your website is a big part of providing valuable customer service. There needs to be a form that anyone can fill out when they’re on your site and reading your blogs or learning more about your services. A website without a form is like a chocolate teapot: it’s not useful at all. Make sure people can leave their information, and get back to those who submit their questions and their requests.   

Customer Service for Current Clients

Make sure there’s always open communication between you and your current clients. Your customers need a way to contact you when there’s any issue that needs to be addressed. Have a team member in place for everything that a client might need, whether it’s a maintenance request or a leasing question, or anything pertaining to a service that you provide. Exceptional customer service means that nothing falls through the cracks. This brings better results for you and your clients.   

Set expectations from the start. If you promise that you’ll provide an online inspection report, analyze some numbers, or provide market updates on a certain day, follow through and keep that promise. If you don’t, your clients will lose trust in you and your services.

One of the biggest and best ways to track your customer service is this: pay attention to your online reputation.

The online world is harsh sometimes, but it’s also a great way to learn some things about your company. You can use the reviews to see what needs to be tweaked. This is especially important when it comes to customer service. Take care of the things that can be easily fixed, and begin to strategize about how to tackle the bigger issues.

Make sure you have someone in place to guarantee your customer service meets the highest possible standards.   

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