This week we’re going to talk about creating a marketing machine for your property management business. We’ll give you the 4 keys to starting that machine and keeping it running. The goal is to create a well oiled machine with multiple functioning parts – all working together to keep you moving forward, collecting leads now, and for years to come.

The first key to your success, and the first piece of your machine, is developing a strong content marketing strategy. Content marketing creates long term success and becomes a lead-generating system all its own. The more relevant your content, the more helpful it is, the more it turns into a long term asset for your business. By publishing knowledge-based video blogs you establish yourself as a property management EXPERT, and by not pushing your services, you create a bond with the viewer, and along the way, help your website rank higher and higher.

The second part is to establish and maintain a stellar reputation. The more confident a client can be in your services and your expertise, the more likely they are to do business with you now, and for the long run. Ensuring you have a professional brand – presented through your online reputation & social media content – will strengthen the quality of the leads that come through your door. The more prospective clients recognize you as an expert, the more they trust your business and want to work with you. Having an excellent online reputation on top of that draws in more customers, and prevents captured leads from looking elsewhere.

Now, you want all of these assets to serve their purpose. So, our third piece: By ensuring that you have a dynamic landing page and a strategic, targeted AdWords campaign, you give yourself the best opportunity to see a greater volume of leads and a better chance of converting those leads into a contract. Don’t waste your hard work and money by losing a client after the click; combine all these strategies together to create a dynamic, can’t miss, landing page designed to get those leads to contact you! Have videos, testimonials from happy customers, and blog excerpts on that page to show you’re the best company for their needs.

The last piece of the puzzle lies with you. There’s only one person that knows the ins and outs of your business… YOU! Property Management is a relationship business. Let your marketing efforts showcase your professionalism, excellence, and expertise – win them over with your personality and knowledge!

Your property management marketing has the opportunity to become a well oiled machine. Let it do the heavy lifting for you, and prepare your leads for a successful close. If you have any questions about how Fourandhalf can help drive your success, please let us know.