5 Elements of Killer Landing Pages for Property Managers

Last week, we did a blog comparing Google Marketing to other methods of marketing that most Property Management Companies have used in the past. I mentioned landing pages, and how a landing page is the modern version of a “full page ad” that you might have purchased in the Yellow Pages years ago. We had a lot of questions about that, so this week we are featuring a video that explains the different parts of a landing page and how you can use them to close leads.

Remember the purpose of a landing page. This is a web page for potential customers. Instead of directing prospects to the homepage of your website, which is designed for everyone, you’re sending them to a page that is specifically and exclusively targeted to owner leads. I don’t know how many of you out there are fisherman, but when you want to catch trout, you have use trout bait – or you’ll end up catching everything but trout – or even nothing at all.

Or another way – think of your website’s homepage as a traffic cop. That homepage is directing traffic in different directions. It sends tenants to one area, current owners to another area and vendors to their own separate area. An incoming lead has to share space with all of those other needs. The website homepage is all about sending visitors to another page, while the landing page is all about closing a deal. There aren’t a number of links out – you want visitors to call you or email you, or maybe do both, so that’s all of the options they get.

The Purpose of a Landing Page

A landing page will convince your prospect – a landlord or a real estate investor searching for a property management company – that you are the best in the area – the company they want to work with. There are multiple components to the page which work together towards that singular purpose: persuading landlords and investors that you are the right company to manage their investment property.

Services and Area

The first thing prospects should notice in a landing page is the background, which must reflect where you are. If you’re a property management company in Charlotte, North Carolina, put an attractive photo of the Charlotte skyline on the landing page. That immediately attaches your company to a service area and people will know they are in the right place.

The title of your landing page is also important. “Charlotte Property Management” is perfect because a visitor will instantly know where you are and what you do.

Calls to Action

Ideally, we want the visitor to take one of two actions – and only one of those two. Number one is to give you a phone call and inquire about your services. That way you get a chance to talk to the prospect right away, right when they’re most interested in your service. Number two is to fill out a form so you can get back to them at a later time. All of the components of the page are working towards this one goal. You’ll note that both options a re available “above the fold” – in other words, right there on the screen without the visitor having to scroll anywhere.

Ideally, you’ll repeat your phone number periodically as the visitor scrolls down the page, so it’s almost always in view. Have a repeat of the contact form at the end of the page, in case the visitor reads everything you’ve got to say.

Explainer Video

The “explainer video” gives you one or two minutes to explain what you do and how you do it. People who are not experienced real estate investors are not going to understand much about property management. Posting an explainer video on your landing page is a great way to tell them about your work. You want prospects to call you for more information or fill out a contact form to take advantage of a free quote. The explainer video leads them to that action.

The Hook

Promote a special offer on your landing page. In our example, it’s a “3 Month, No Risk, Money Back Guarantee.” It could be the first month of property management free or half off the lease up fee. Whatever special offer you want to run, put it on the landing page so you can entice your visitors to call you or fill out your online form. In addition, when a prospect calls in to the office and mentions the landing page special offer – if it”s an offer unique to that page, you know when your internet marketing efforts are working, and that your money isn’t being wasted.

Value Propositions

Next, provide value propositions that demonstrate why you’re the best property management company in the area. List four different things you perfect customer needs from you. Talk about the benefits of working with you and show them you have the solutions to their problems. You always want to speak to the pain points of your prospects. They need to be clear, concise, and easy to understand. It gives them a great reason to contact you.

If you have any blog videos or educational pieces, the landing page is a great place to showcase those. It gives your prospects another reason to call you and get to know who you are. If you don’t have them, it isn’t a necessary piece of a landing page, but they will help.


Finally, put a customer testimonial widget on your landing page. We use one from Reputation.com that features live, verified reviews of your company which provide an important third party validation to your prospects.

Your landing page targets your message to your prospects and ignores all the other constituencies that your website has to serve. The only audience for this page is the potential landlord client or real estate investor who might be interested in your services.

If you have any questions about landing pages or Internet marketing in general, you know you can contact us at Fourandhalf.