Here at Fourandhalf, we wondered what do property management companies that rank number 1 on Google have in common?

How'd they do it?

How’d they do it?

We went to Google Trends and analyzed 30 competitive property management markets. The search was nationwide – from Missoula, Montana to Albuquerque, New Mexico; from Portland, Maine to Portland, Oregon; and, from Tacoma, Washington to Tampa, Florida and 24 other cities and towns.

Then, we looked into all the little-known factors that may have an influence on rankings; how long has the website been around? How often is the target keyword shown on the page? How fast does the website load?

Although we weren’t able to get definitive insights to those questions, we were able to uncover 3 main takeaways your property management company will benefit from.

Property Management Companies Ranked #1 Have an Average of 100 Google+ Reviews

The lesson here is pretty big – make sure you generate reviews for your property management business. Keep generating them because the highest ranking property managers are getting about 100 reviews, at a 3.8 star average. Even with a few companies skewing the data, some as high as 400 reviews, the median of the reviews still came out to be 60 reviews per property management company. So, if you want to be the top dog in your area, generate those reviews. Not only do people use it to evaluate your company, so does Google.  

Top Ranking Property Management Companies Create Content

Out of these 30 Number one ranking property management companies, 76 percent of them utilized blogs or videos on the homepage of their website. This makes sense, because when you give fresh content to Google, you:

  • Show that you are relevant.
  • Offer additional ways to bring traffic to your website.
  • Keep people on your site longer.

This is just a few of the reasons why blogs and videos are so important for your property management business. Give reasons for people to visit your website and Google and other search engines will reward you.

What’s in a Name?  

Finally, the third key thing we noticed is a bit of a hack. There were two companies ranking #1 in their areas that:

  • Haven’t been around all that long.
  • Didn’t have a lot of reviews.
  • Didn’t have many blogs, videos, or social pages.
  • and their website didn’t load particularly fast.

But they did have one valuable thing.

The name of their company included the name of the area they serviced. So if you’re a property management company in Omaha, Nebraska, and you name yourself Omaha Property Management, you have a good chance of ranking high for relevant property management searches in that area. Just remember that choosing a name after the city you service can limit your plans to expand into other areas.

Hopefully, these insights will help you think about what you need to do to bring your property management company up a little higher in the Google rankings. If you have any questions about growing your property management business and using the internet to get more property management leads, please contact us at Fourandhalf. We’d be happy to help you.