Have you noticed that Yelp is outranking your property management company on Google for search terms like property management in your city or your city property management? This has been happening to property management companies lately, and it’s sparked some questions:

  • If Google’s goal is to put local search results in front of local people, how is Yelp, as a worldwide company, beating local management companies?
  • How can your property management business overcome this?

Yelp and Its Online Authority

Yelp has people from all over the world navigating the site on a daily basis to find answers on products and services they want to buy. The site has a tremendous online authority and great SEO. People go on their site, engage with the content that’s there, and purchase services. Not only does Yelp get a lot of traffic, they also get a lot of people linking to their site. That gives them unlimited backlinks, which we know is great for offsite SEO.

Yelp is a global brand, but it still provides local content. People will go there to search for property management in Hayward, for example. That’s going to continue because Yelp is one of the top-rated review sites online. 

How Can Your Property Management Company Outrank Yelp?

Most property managers don’t always have the best luck with Yelp, so having this site outrank your site is not ideal. If this is happening to you, how can you beat it?

We have a few tips, and keep in mind these things will also help you outrank the competition in your local market. 

  1. Start with the basics. One of the most important things you have to do with your online presence is to update your online business listing and keep it consistent. Check your information on Google Business, Yelp, Facebook, LinkedIn and any industry-relevant sites. Your business name needs to be consistently presented, and your listing must include your phone number, address and website domain. This gives social cues to Google to let them know people online are talking about you. It also validates the information on your website. 
  2. Look at the content on your website. Are you really giving information to Google that helps them understand what you do, where you do it and who is using your services? Check your homepage, services page and about us page. Your services need to be presented properly, and you have to display the benefits, demonstrate who your audience is, and make it easy for Google to understand your target location. 
  3. Finally, pay attention to backlinks. We blogged about this a couple of weeks ago, so check out that video if you need some good ideas on ways to build backlinks. Yelp gets a lot of its domain authority from backlinks. Increase your own authority, and you’ll be more credible to Google. People will talk about you online when you have backlinks on industry-related websites. You’ll drive traffic to your own site and let Google know that your property management business is a credible authority in your location. 

If you want to talk about this, contact us at Fourandhalf. We’d love to help you and share some more ideas.