Why are video blogs so important? Because they are one of the most cost effective ways to build your business and your brand. Summer is over now, and property managers have more time to focus on building their business while they build upon their company brand. A great way to start is to develop valuable content.

What is Great Content?

Great content is unique blogs or posts that provide value and education to your target customers. You want them to understand that you are a subject matter expert, and not just another sales person. Blogs are important because blogs give your website over 400 percent more indexed pages. That’s extremely valuable in getting your company found.

Indexed Pages

If you’re not familiar with indexing, let’s make a comparison for you. Imagine your fantasy football draft. You have to prospect and research all the stats in order to create the best lineup for your team. Google does essentially the same thing. Google gathers all the available content on the Internet and presents what it thinks are the best candidates for a given keyword. If you want to make the cut when your customers are searching for information, video blogs are the key.

Content Value

So, why do video blogs give you more SEO value? It’s simple; Google selects search results based on what users want to see, and users click on and watch videos more often than other content. By creating value with your content, you attract more views, which allow more people to share it across social media, and generate links from related sites.

All of this information about the value of video blogs should make you want to get in front of the camera right now. Contact us at Fourandhalf, and we will gladly help you out.