Would you rather hire an amateur, or the person that actually wrote the book on property management? Put yourself in your customer’s shoes.

Being the person that wrote that book is a great way to grow your property management business. Many property managers worry that this sounds easier said than done. This isn’t necessarily true. In fact, it might be easier than you think. Let’s break it down:

The Question: How Can I Write a Book?

You’re probably thinking that if writing a property management book was that simple, everyone would do it, so it’s got to be tough. You’d have to invest a lot of time into the project. You’d have to create the content, which probably means writing the copy yourself – so what happens if you run into writer’s block? What if you lose the motivation to finish the book? You might even be worrying about details like how to determine the number of pages the book should be, figure out copyright and licensing, and how to get it published.

All of this time and expense might get you thinking about your bottom line: is this even a cost effective way to get new business? Is there a way to make it easier and more effective at the same time?

The Answer: eBooks

Yes. An ebook is both easier to make and more useful because it can be used in more places.

Actually, an ebook is actually not that hard to write and publish, especially if you already have content; and if you’ve been posting blogs, you do! Re-purposing digital marketing content is fairly easy, and hiring someone to do it isn’t as expensive as you’d think. Since it’s an ebook, there is no required length. You can have an effective ebook with as little as seven blogs.

The Benefits of an eBook

With a regular paper book, you’ll have to mail it to them, which costs money and creates a delay. Once you’ve done that, there’s little more that you can do with it. With an ebook, however, you can immediately publish it online, and then:

  • You can promote it in your social media posts.
  • You can put it on your website and offer it as a download.
  • You can use it in an email campaign.
  • You can send it to prospective clients that call or email your office.
  • You can advertise it on your business cards.
  • You can talk about it in online forums.

Publishing the book digitally means you never have to pay to print more copies. So if in the future, you think of other reasons, you have it waiting to use for no extra cost.

The Conclusion

A published ebook provides a number of benefits for you and your property management company. It will help you leverage content you already have. Having a published ebook validates you as the kind of property management company people want to work with.

If you have any questions about how publishing an ebook will help your business, or if you think you are ready to become an author yourself, contact us at Fourandhalf and Jeff, in particular, would love to help you.