Why are ebooks so popular?

More importantly, do you need an ebook for your property management company?

The short answer is yes, and here are four reasons why you need one. These four reasons will also do a good job of explaining why they’re so popular in attracting new business.

1. Ebooks Allow You to Create a Lead Magnet

A magnet on a table is pulling the word leads toward it.When you publish and offer a property management ebook, you’re creating a lead magnet. Here’s what we mean by that:

Lead magnets are typically a specific piece of content that you offer for free in exchange for a lead’s contact information. This is useful when you’re building a reliable list of leads, but that’s not all it does. You can also use the lead magnet to capture information about prospects who are early in their search for solutions on property management-related issues.

The leads you attract by offering your free ebook may not be ready to hire you today, but when they download your ebook, it’s a signal that they have a need. You can ultimately meet that need for them, so you’ll want to know who they are.

2. Ebooks Establish Your Property Management Expertise

A property manager sits with a couple at a table and shows them something on a cell phone. There are various papers and a laptop on the table in front of them.Ebooks also help to establish the expertise you have in this particular area. Nothing says expert like we wrote the book on it. You can demonstrate to local owners and landlords that your company knows the area and the market as well as the property management business. An ebook is a great resource that owners can go back to again and again for advice and tips.

This means that when they’re ready to hire a property management company, you will be at the top of mind, and their choice will be easy.

3. Ebooks Establish Trust

A person sits at a desk in front of a laptop. From the laptop there is a blue cone indicating the information being shown.You can quickly establish trust when you provide an ebook. In answering the questions posed by your owners and landlords, you’re establishing trust with them and with potential new customers. If you launch an email campaign automatically every time your ebook is downloaded, you’re providing owners an opportunity to ask you questions via email, generating even more trust and building the relationship you have with them.

For more about how this works, ask our team about Fourandhalf’s lead nurturing services.

4. Explain What You Do (and Why You’re Valuable)

A person points toward an easel with a picture of a line graph pointing upwards. There is a lightbulb above the graph.Ebooks help you explain what you do and why you’re valuable to. Many owners and landlords aren’t sure what property managers do, exactly. Why are you a valuable partner for them when they think they can do it themselves?

A property management ebook provides you with the opportunity to answer their questions, and it ALSO provides additional insights that they may never have considered. This opens the door to an offer of assistance, such as “Feeling overwhelmed? Give us a call.”

The ebook also allows you to demonstrate how you can answer their pain points. Show them how you help clients who are struggling to find long-term tenants. What you do to keep maintenance costs contained. How you manage their accounting statements.

Do you want an ebook but you don’t know where to start? Contact us at Fourandhalf. We help property managers create lead magnets, marketing emails, websites, content, ads…basically, everything you need to market your property management company.

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