A number of property management companies are probably asking, “Why should I hire an outsourced property management marketing company when I already have someone in-house?” Our answer is: to grow faster. There are some things that we can do a lot better than your in-house marketing talent, while there are other things that your marketing person is going to do much better than us. Working together, we will grow your business a lot faster than either one of us would be able to do alone.

Cost and Unit Economics

As a business owner, one of your biggest issues is cost. If you’re spending money on marketing talent within your staff, you may be wondering why you should pay an outside company to help. However, working with Fourandhalf when you have a marketing person does not necessarily cost you more money.

It actually makes you more money in the long run. It’s unit economics: One management contract has a lifetime value of $5,000 or more. That’s about the cost of a yearly contract with Fourandhalf. So, basically, the first property management contract that we bring you has your expenses covered for a year of Fourandhalf services.

And we’re going to bring you more than that single contract.

Fourandhalf Has Digital Marketing Experience

The experience that Fourandhalf has from working with property managers across the country is a huge asset. For example, we have run literally hundreds of property management AdWords campaigns. Our experience will provide you with results that no in-house marketing person you can afford will be able to deliver.

However, having that marketing person there to provide local information is a valuable asset. Your marketing manager will know which communities to target and which areas aren’t worth your resources. That helps us. We don’t have your company’s experience with all of the neighborhoods and communities you serve. We will be able to do more together than what we would be able to do separately by combining different areas of expertise.

Leveraging Fourandhalf’s Partnerships

We partner with companies like Google, LeadSimple, and Reputation.com. Our relationships with these companies give you a value-add. Many of the companies who want to do business with you on the Internet are not willing to talk to you on the phone. You know how hard it is to get help; they want you to send an email or chat online, and you wait a while to get a response. With Fourandhalf as your partner, you’ll have someone who answers the phone, a live person helping you out and providing personal tech support.

Local businesses get solicited for new Internet services constantly, and we’re here to help you. We can help you sort through the offers you might get from unknown companies and present our advice and recommendations.

But, we are not there in your office. There are many things a marketing person can do with the time Fourandhalf saves them.

Let’s talk about some of those now.

4 Things Your Marketing Person Can Do While Working with Fourandhalf

When it comes to marketing, there are a few things we can’t do for you, and that’s where your marketing person will be an asset. Here are four things that your marketing person can do, right there in your local market.

  • Join and participate in local organizations. This might include the Chamber of Commerce, local landlord associations and anything to do with dot-org or dot-edu organizations. Have your marketing person look for educational groups and associations, the local chapters of Rotary clubs, etc. and offer to teach them about property management issues. Your marketing person can build relationships and you might get an inbound link from the local organization to your website when you put your profile or class description there. This is an extremely valuable SEO tool.
  • Set up Direct Mail campaigns. Mailings can be successful for property management companies, but you need a well-developed strategy. At Fourandhalf, we can back up that mail campaign with a great landing page and a dedicated phone number. Let us take care of the online element while your marketing person designs and organizes the mailing. Update: Fourandhalf is now in beta-stage for direct mailers. Inquire with us today if you are interested.
  • Update your value propositions and other copy on your website and marketing materials. For instance, when is the last time you updated the value propositions and services section of your webpage? That’s the first thing that your prospects see. Your marketing person should work on making sure the latest messaging is portrayed on your website. Conversion optimization techniques also need to be used on your site, and a good marketing person can make sure that happens.
  • Develop relationships with referrers. Have your marketing person go out and visit with local real estate offices, banks, accountants and small businesses. Have them try to talk with people that can give referrals and at the very least, leave a card or a brochure. For instance, we work with a lot of customers who get referrals from the banks holding their trust accounts. Your marketing person can personally get referral sources and develop possible partnerships while Fourandhalf handles the day to day tasks involved in a successful digital marketing campaign.

We’d love to have a discussion with you about how we can work well with your marketing person. If you’re interested in learning more, contact us at Fourandhalf.