LinkedIn can be a great resource to get more realtor referrals for your property management business. If you have been to this blog before, you might have expected us to recommend Google+, Yelp, Facebook or even Twitter to get referrals. Realtors tend to be active on a number of social media sites. However, LinkedIn, as a social networking site, is focused on business networking. So, strategically using LinkedIn gives you a great opportunity to make a connection and get some referrals.

Connecting with Realtors on LinkedIn

Connect with Real Estate Agents right now by searching for “Realtor” or “Real Estate Agent” at the top of the homepage. The search results will include a long list that may not be relevant to you, so in order to narrow down your search, click on “All Filters” at the top and add in the city or region you want to search for in the “Locations” section.

The search filter function on LinkedIn

Add any additional filters and click “Apply.” Click “Connect” next to those real estate agents that you wish to connect with. Once a number of real estate agents are added to your network, it is now worthwhile to provide timely and relevant updates on your LinkedIn account:

Show Your Expertise

Once you log in to LinkedIn, click “Home” on the top navigation bar. Your “Home” page is where you are able to view updates to your network. Once on your “Home” page, click the “Start a Post” section to begin crafting a post for your account.

The Share a Post function on LinkedIn

Any type of post demonstrating your expertise can attract the attention of a real estate agent. “Start a Post” is fairly simple and straightforward, and includes the option of adding photos and/or videos, but if you were interested in posting an article that you had written, the “Write an Article” option is much more in-depth and allows you to customize your post to a much greater extent.

When they log in, they’ll see your content at the top or near the top of their feed, so you’ll be on their mind.

Leveraging Real Estate Groups on LinkedIn

An even better strategy is to join real estate “groups” on LinkedIn. You can find these groups a few different ways. Search for keyphrases as described above, and then use the filters to look specifically for “Groups.” You can also click on the “Work” icon in the upper right navigation bar and click “Groups.” This will bring you to a page that lists all the groups you’re currently a part of. To find new groups, you can click “Search other trusted communities that share and support your goals” at the bottom. Most areas have at least one real estate group. If there are more than one, join them all.

Participate in discussions and answer Realtors’ questions. In particular, answering questions will build up goodwill with a lot of people. If you are answering property management related questions for these Realtors, when the time comes for them to recommend a quality property manager, they’ll reach out to you.

Getting References on LinkedIn

LinkedIn is basically your online resume, and like a resume, references are necessary. On LinkedIn however, references are called “Recommendations.” The best way to build up your references is to request recommendations from people who have worked with you. So if you’re connected with a client on LinkedIn, ask for a recommendation. When others check you out, they’ll see your business recommendations and that will generate “social proof” for you and your business.

If you need help building a LinkedIn page or you’re not sure what to post for content, contact us at Fourandhalf. We’d be happy to help you with all your property management marketing needs.