Joe Sidebotham went from being an unknown “rookie” to being the top salesperson at Appfolio. Joe will talk to us at the PM Grow Summit on “4 Ways You Could Be Winning New Property Owners Right Now.” Today, we’re giving you a peek into how Joe approaches helping property managers find solutions to sales challenges.

How the Cost of Your Services Can Determine Your Growth

Cost is one of the main ways that people differentiate their property management businesses. Not only in how you set up your management fee, but also in focusing on the services that you’re providing for that fee.

Many property managers just focus on cost and that is a mistake. When you’re talking to someone who wants you to manage their property, they’re not necessarily going to care if you’re more expensive or less expensive than other companies. They care about what you’re doing to manage the property. When speaking with owners, focus less on the cost and more on the value you’re providing. As we have mentioned in our blogs, previously, property management is not a commodity and it will be damaging if landlords in your area consider property management in the same fashion as wheat, coal, and oil. The cheapest option isn’t always the best choice.

The Sales Process: Understand Your Customers

Investors are cost-sensitive but they want you to hear their problems and understand their concerns. If you don’t take the time to understand what each customer cares about, you won’t be able to connect with them, and your fees will be the only thing that you can talk with them about. This is the reason you want to pivot away from focusing on fees and spend some time getting to know the customer.

Using Creativity to Close Sales

The way PM salespeople present themselves makes a difference. For example, most people don’t do this, but after every meeting, you can send a handwritten note to say thank you. You don’t see it often, however it’s one of those small things that makes you stand out. Try to find other ways where you can exit your comfort zone, walk into the unknown, and be creative.

At Appfolio, the slogan is “always stay curious.” Joe will bring that, and so much more, to the property management world in January at the PM Grow Summit.

Joe’s presentation on winning new owners will be split into two parts: one on costs and the other on sales. If you know what’s important to potential customers, you can present information in a way that will make them want to have you manage their property.

If you have any questions about growing your property management company, the PM Grow Summit, or the little things you can do to stand out with owners, feel free to contact us at Fourandhalf, we’d be happy to help.