When people think about paid advertising for property managers, otherwise known as online advertising, the first thing that comes to mind is Google AdWords (now Google Ads), and sometimes the term PPC or Pay Per Click comes up.

But is this all there is to online advertising for property management companies?ann

Today, Fourandhalf’s Director of Product Development and Marketing, Marie Liamzon, will help you rethink what paid online advertising means for property management companies.

Paid Advertising for Property Managers

Many property managers we talk to have either tried Google Ads on their own, or had a local company do it for them. Sometimes their ads are a success, sometimes they aren’t. There are many factors that play into the success or failure of a campaign, which we will talk about in an upcoming blog.

Even if you’ve run successful Google Ad campaigns, you may have noticed that advertising on Google is becoming very expensive. Check out our upcoming blog with one of our Digital Ad Specialists, Amanda, who will explain why this is happening, and give you some practical tips on optimizing your campaign to get more bang for your buck.

Should Property Managers Give Up Google Ads?

Now, if you’re a property manager who has not found success using Google Ads, don’t reject all online advertising just yet.

You may have heard of multi-channel marketing, or using several different mediums and platforms to market your services — for example, using digital ads, direct mail and billboards to reach different audience segments. Similarly, your digital ad strategy should include several platforms — don’t put all your eggs in one basket, such as Google Ads.

Types of Digital Ad Platforms

Other online advertising platforms include Bing (now rebranded as Microsoft Advertising), and even Facebook.


A word about Facebook — when we talk about Facebook advertising, we don’t mean boosting posts. We mean creating ads on Facebook that actually get you leads. We’ll dive deeper into this topic in a future blog post. But in the mean time, make sure to read about what a Facebook “Like” really means to your property management business.

Bing/Microsoft Ads

Bing/Microsoft Ads is often overlooked because it’s a less popular search engine. However, using this platform puts your company in front of different sets of eyes. People who use Bing or Yahoo as their default search engine typically don’t use Google, which means if all you’ve been doing is advertising on Google, this subset of people have not yet seen your ads, and may not have even heard of you.

In a few weeks we’ll put out a more detailed blog post with Marina, our Digital Ads Team Lead, in which she will discuss Bing Ads in detail.

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Conclusions about Paid Advertising for Property Managers

It’s important to note that what might work in one market might not work in another, due to differences in population, impression share, average cost per click relative to budget, and so forth.

This is why it’s better to think of online advertising not as Google Ads PPC, but as a multi-faceted section of your overall marketing strategy.

If you have any questions about online advertising for property managers, or need help coming up with a marketing plan, contact us at Fourandhalf.