If your Property Management Services copy doesn’t stand out from your competitors’, the service you work so hard to provide becomes nothing more than a commodity.

What is a commodity? It’s a good or service that has no qualitative difference across a market. Wheat is wheat, no matter where it comes from. Electricity, gas, coal, oil – all of these products, since there is no qualitative difference between them, are priced according to the market, and the cheapest option wins.

And if investors and owners see what you do as a commodity, they’re going to go with the cheapest option, as well – because they don’t know any better.

Don’t lose great leads to the company down the street with the lower price. Words are powerful: use them to demonstrate your unique value and convert visitors to solid leads.

For today’s blog, we will be sharing an exercise that you can use to turn your property management services page into a lead generating machine. By the end of this blog, you will know exactly what to do with your services page. We will detail what we notice in property management services pages, give you tips to generating good copy and take you through a 10-minute exercise to write copy.

Tips for Writing Compelling Property Management Sales Copy

Before we get into the exercise, keep in mind a few guidelines when outlining your copy on your services page:

  • Make sure you’re speaking directly to your customer. Have a specific client in mind. Speak to that person’s problems and needs, so when the landlord or investor begins reading it, they will feel like you are speaking personally to them.
  • Read the reviews that owners leave on Google, Yelp, and other popular review sites. Read your reviews and those of your competitors. Borrow the phrases they use because that’s what landlords and owners value – and what they search for. It will help you get found in search, and connect with prospects once you’re found.
  • Make sure the whole world knows what your unique value propositions are. If there’s a pain point for owners that you are good at addressing, embrace it. For example, if placing a tenant is tough in your area, and your specialty is in placing quality tenants faster, use that your advantage. Create a niche for yourself and you’ll really stand out. Only the unique get remembered.

Pro tip: To see greater results, create a form on your Management Services page where potential customers can get in touch with you. Give owners the chance to fill out their information without having to click on a new page and having them go through hurdles. Reducing friction on your website will help you convert visitors into leads.

How to Write Copy for Your Property Management Services Page

To write out your services effectively, you’ll need three things: a notepad, a pencil, and a timer.

  1. Set your timer for two minutes. Write down all the pains that landlords and investors have when they’re managing their own properties. Make sure to turn off your phone and avoid all distractions.
  2. Once those two minutes are finished, spend another two minutes writing. This time, write down all the benefits that landlords and investors will gain when they work with you.
  3. Then, revise both brainstorming exercises. Turn all that writing into cohesive sentences that explain what you do well. Read it out loud, including the punctuation and grammar, so you know it looks and sounds right. Have a colleague read it over before you put it online: they can see it from a fresh perspective.
  4. Publish it on your Property Management Services page. When people read it, they will feel like you are speaking from their perspective: it’s not about what you can do, but what you can do for them .

Things to Avoid On Your Property Management Services Page

AVOID: Vague or industry-specific terms such as, “tenant allocation,” “rent ready,” or “rental analysis”. These terms make sense to you and other property managers. However, landlords and investors looking for help don’t exactly know them.

DO: Make sure that your language is clear, so landlords will understand the benefits of working with you.

AVOID: Writing in a dry, matter-of-fact tone that has no personality.

DO: Convey emotion so it will compel people to provide you with their information.

These tips will serve as a proper guide in helping your property management services page in being more engaging, personal, and attract more business.

If you need help getting the right words down, or even identifying who that ideal client is, please contact us at Fourandhalf. We’d be happy to help you create a compelling Property Management Services page.