Is your property management company missing out on business opportunities? Today on the Fourandhalf blog, we are joined by Jordan Muela who is the founder and CEO of LeadSimple, a company designed to provide sales process management software for property managers. We will be discussing the six things your company needs to start doing to gain more property management business.

Timely Lead Follow Up

The first to call is the first to close. Everyone knows they should be calling leads quickly, but did you know that calling within the first five minutes is 21 times more effective than calling after the first 30 minutes? Call your leads in a matter of seconds, not minutes. You don’t want to lose a lead because you didn’t respond in a timely manner.

Educational Videos

If you’re not bringing value to your leads with educational videos, you’re losing a lot of business. Post those video blogs for prospective leads, and let them do their work on the Internet. You can feed these videos to clients and potential new business for years to come. Create your videos and set them up for proper marketing; your business will greatly benefit from these efforts.

Tracking Actual Sales Activity

Stop guessing and start tracking. At the end of the day, people will respect what you inspect. You need to have hard data, know for sure how people are responding to leads, and what your follow up process looks like. You need to track your contact and conversion rates. Collecting actual statistics will change your sales game.

Nurturing Your Leads

If a prospect doesn’t sign up today, what are your plans for keeping that prospect engaged with your company until they are ready to decide? If you don’t have any plans to nurture that lead, it’s costing your company half of your potential business.

Follow Up Plans

Do you have a follow up plan? Plan the work and work the plan. This is one of the best ways not to lose business. It’s worth the planning time to have a clear and concise follow up strategy. Once you have the plan in place, you need to execute it consistently. Don’t leave it to chance; have a plan and work it.

Obsessively Asking for Business Reviews

People buy on reputation. Everyone wants to know how the customer experience is with your company. If those positive reviews are not out there on the Internet, then your good reputation is invisible. Property managers tend to get a lot of negative reviews. Turn the corner on those reviews by always asking your happy customers to write a review for your business. You’ll notice a big difference in your reputation and your ability to attract sales.

These are six things you probably aren’t doing that are costing you business. Contact us at Fourandhalf if you have any questions about how to implement some of these strategies for your property management business.