One of Fourandhalf’s latest offerings is property management remarketing campaigns. But what exactly is Google remarketing? Why is it important for property managers? And what’s the risk for property managers that aren’t using remarketing campaigns?

Maddie joins our blog today to answer these questions.

What is remarketing?

A cartoon depicts a user visiting a website, leaving the website, seeing an ad, and then returning to the website, representative of how remarketing campaigns work.Remarketing is a paid ad campaign that utilizes images (or videos) along with copy to build brand awareness and bring traffic to your website or landing page! This makes potential customers familiar with your company, and while it is not intended for direct lead generation (like our Search campaigns are), it’s a great way to reach new audiences that might not have discovered you otherwise.

Google gathers a lot of data about internet habits, so you can market to relevant audiences while they’re on other sites with ease! In addition to bringing in new potential customers, your remarketing ads are a great way to remind people who have previously been to your site or seen your search ads but yet haven’t converted that you exist! We recommend that remarketing campaigns be paired with a search campaign as remarketing ads can be set to “follow” people around who have previously interacted with your company. This is a great way to keep you top of mind.

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Why is remarketing important for property managers?

A cartoon person looks at a website and says outloud, Oh I read a blog on their site last week! They offer a free rental analysis? Hmm...Property management remarketing campaigns can level up your marketing strategy. The more times you’re able to get your message in front of a potential customer, the more likely they are to think of you when they need your services! It often takes a lot of time to generate the trust that’s needed to convert a potential customer, and remarketing will give you an important headstart over your competition.

In a nutshell, remarketing is important for property managers because it helps cast a wider net than just using a Search campaign and helps to remind warm leads to move through your marketing funnel.

What’s the risk of not utilizing remarketing campaigns?

A cartoon person climbs a staircase, with a background of digital internet marketing behind her, representative of the trend toward property management remarketing campaigns.This is where internet marketing is going. If you’re relying solely on search ads, you’re leaving money on the table by not targeting the wider audience available with remarketing and not giving your warm leads a gentle reminder that your company is ready and waiting to solve their problems.

Don’t get left behind! Take advantage of this unique opportunity to set yourself apart from your competition, who may not be using remarketing yet.

Wondering how to set up your own remarketing campaign? Luckily, Fourandhalf is here to help you set everything up, step by step. Send an email or give us a call, and we can walk you through how to get started.

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