Going back and forth with sales prospects over the phone and via email can seem like a game of ping pong, but it’s an important part of the sales process. You need to know what to say and what to write if you want to keep them interested in hearing about your company.

Most prospects will be reaching out to a few different management companies.

Be the one they call back. Here’s how.

So… Did you get my email?

Lots of hands hold email notifications, representing how many email people get and how important lead follow up is.Emails come in fast and furious, and they can easily be ignored, deleted, or forgotten. Compose an email that gets your prospect’s attention.

First, lead with the value they will receive by calling you back. If you have a special offer, tell them about it. Lead with your promotion or the good news that you save owners this much with your tenant placement guarantee.

Next, use active verbs. If you’ve forgotten your grade school language arts lessons, an active verb will ask them to take action. It might be something like Call me today or Shoot me an email so we can discuss how we save you money and protect your investment.

Use specific information you have about the property to your advantage. If you know it’s on the north end of town, mention that you know the area well from your experience in the area, so you’d be willing to do a free rental analysis.

Finally, show a lot of enthusiasm that they get in touch with you. Don’t go directly to the hard sell. People hate that. You hate that. This is an incremental sale, and at this point, you just want them to buy in to the conversation.  Make that easy to buy into and sell one bit at a time — initial conversation, follow-up, follow-up conversation, management contract.

Straight to Voicemail

A young woman stands and holds her phone with a smile. This demonstrates the proper voicemail technique for lead follow up.Stand up when you’re leaving a voicemail.  It will help you speak louder, more confidently, and with more enthusiasm. It will help you speak in The Voice of someone they want to call back.

Most people don’t pick up the phone when it rings. But if you leave the right voicemail, you can get them to come back to you in some form. Use their name at the beginning and end of your message. This could be the only personal information you have about them right now, so you want to use it.  

In your message, mention any specific details they gave you about the property. The more closely you can connect their inquiry with the message you leave, the more likely they are to respond.

Make sure to ask for a call back. Most people leave their information but don’t ask the person they’re calling to call them back, and it can help generate a response.

Check out our sample email and voicemail scripts below. If you have any questions, contact us at Fourandhalf. We love to talk about all things property management and marketing.


Here’s Your Lead Follow-Up Email Template:


Hi ___,

Thank you for contacting us at ____Property Management about managing your single-family home!

We have years of experience managing single-family homes in the greater X area, and our (special offer) 21-day tenant placement guarantee has made us a popular choice among rental property owners in this market.

I would love to speak with you and see if we’re the right fit for managing your property.  Would you have 15 minutes to chat on Wednesday, 9/13, 5:00 EST, or another time this week?

Alternatively, feel free to reply to this email or shoot me a text at xxx-xxx-xxxx with any questions you have.

Looking forward to speaking with you,


And now we have your Sample Voicemail Script:


Hi ___,

Thank you for reaching out to us at _____ about managing your _______.  

I’m so sorry we missed you but would love the chance to speak to you about your property and see if we’re the right fit to manage it for you.

Would you have some time on Wednesday, 9/13, 5:30 EST, for a call?  If not, let me know what time would best fit your schedule.

Please call me back at xxx-xxx-xxxx, or feel free to send me a text or shoot me an email. I’m happy to answer any questions you may have.

Thanks, ____, and I’m looking forward to speaking with you.