When your property management company is already ranking organically, does it make sense to run a Pay-Per-Click campaign? It sounds pretty redundant, right? Well, in a climate where competition never stops, you may be missing out on business by relying on organic marketing alone. There are three main reasons your property management company stands to benefit from combining advertisements with your already strong organic ranking.

The Anatomy of a Google Search Page

When people are searching online for the products and services that they’re willing to pay for, a lot of ads associated with those searches usually show up. The Search Results Page, in most cases, has three or four ads at the top of the page, and then the Google Map listings pops up with local results before anyone even gets to your Number 1-ranked organic result.

Even with your number one ranking organically, you are likely to be halfway down the page – “below the fold”, or offscreen. If you are not reaching the number of leads that you want, someone may be running ads that are grabbing those leads before they even see your listing – ads can be far more appealing to the eye than a standard Google organic listing.

That’s why your company should aim to show up on multiple places on that first page. It might be:

  • The advertisements near the top
  • Google Maps local searches
  • And the organic ranking that captures the lead in the end. (This also helps build brand recognition when people scroll down the page and see your site three different times.)

The SEO Factor

Another issue you may run into is that SEO isn’t always reliable. We see this all the time; one day you are on top of Google’s results, and the next day you are on the third page for property management related searches in your area. You may do all the right things and have outstanding content on your site, but for some reason you just can’t seem to rise up in rankings. There’s a reason why SEO experts coined the term the “Google Dance” when it comes to dealing with their frustrations in site ranking fluctuations.

A targeted PPC campaign can help you battle those issues. Even if you’re not showing up organically, you can pay to have a stable location at the top of search engine results pages, so your business won’t be at the mercy of search engine ranking algorithms for the keywords you really want to target.

Rank for Neighboring Service Areas

Maybe you rank first for the main city you service, but for neighboring towns, you are nowhere to be found. A targeted property management PPC campaign will allow you to bid for keywords in those towns. You can essentially rank for anywhere that you like, even down to the ZIP codes. This makes sure that people outside of your main service area see your property management company’s listing. To see if your company has a presence in a neighboring town, we recommend using BrightLocal’s free Local Search Location Checker. This tool will allow you to see how your company ranks from different locations.


Complimenting your strong organic ranking with pay-per-click advertising will help you take up more market share on the searches that are relevant for your business. Also important – it can remove a competitor’s listing from showing up on that front page, which increases the likelihood that you will get that call.

If you have any questions on how pay-per-click can grow your property management business, we are certified Google Partners; please contact us at Fourandhalf – Internet Marketing for Property Managers.