One of the unique benefits to our property management clients is that Fourandhalf partners with Google, specifically on AdWords. We are talking to our friends and partners at Google today and wanted to introduce you to the team we work with and discuss what our property management clients have to gain from this relationship.

Property Management PPC: Fourandhalf’s Relationship with Google

Meeting Our Google Partners 

Marco is an account strategist, which means he is in charge of optimizing performance with existing accounts. He also helps with onboarding when we take on new accounts. Eric is the agency development manager. He works with Fourandhalf to assist us in presenting options to our new clients. So when one of our team members at Fourandhalf works with a new property management company, we talk with Eric about ideas that will make that new client more successful.  

We have quite a few questions for the Google team, but we’re going to focus on one or two that we think will best fit our clients who are working so hard to grow a property management business.  

Top 3 Tips for a Property Management AdWords Campaign

Most property managers want to know what they should do if they are building an AdWords campaign today. Here’s what Marco told us:

  • Know your audience. That’s going to help you choose the right keywords and locations.
  • Tailor your ads to your landing pages. This has a huge effect on the customer’s actual experience. Here at Google, it’s important that our customers have a great experience.
  • Keep in mind the best practices that Google promotes. You want to pay attention to the length of the ad and the keyword list, which you’ll narrow down and use to prepare for your next steps.  

Benefits of Working with a Google Partner for PPC in Property Management

We asked Eric about why a property management company would want to hire a company that is partnered with Google.  He told us that there are lots of agencies out there, but not a lot of Google partners. To become a Google partner, an agency has to undergo multiple pieces of training. Team members need to be AdWords certified and have clients who can demonstrate the great marketing work that they do. Google has internal tools that ensure its partners are doing what’s right for their clients. Google assigns scores, and you have to have a certain score to be a Google partner. The Google partner badge verifies that the agency has many clients doing things the right way and following best practices. They also have access to Google teams to assist with client success.

Thanks to Marco and Eric for joining us today. If you have any questions about your AdWords campaign or marketing for property managers, please contact us at Fourandhalf.